Food To Try!

Food To Try!

Featuring Isaac Toast (Plaza Singapura), R&B Tea (Marina Bay Sands), Malaysia Chiak! (The Centrepoint), Yong's Teochew Kueh (East Coast), McDonald's
Daphne Wee
Daphne Wee

After searching for so many years, this is the third place that serve Penang prawn mee that I happened to find! Aromatic flavourful soup with a hint of sweetness & a little spiciness! I wanted more Chili but they didn’t have and said it’s already mixed in the soup. Wasn’t spicy to me and this bowl was just missing veggies.

📍 : The Centrepoint malaysian foodcourt at the basement. They sold other malaysian food too and everyone was eating claypot rice. My bowl cost $5!

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Creamy herb & chicken pie 🥧 #carbiedaphiesg #carbiedaphie
Finally! Singapore’s first savoury pie. Been having their savoury pies from McDonald’s Bangkok & it was always so satisfying but can’t say the same for our version. The crust was too thick & wasn’t flakey. It would have been delicious if they remained to their original Apple pie crust!

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First in Singapore with the interior of the cup coated with brown sugar glaze together with chewy pearls that were slow cooked to perfection in brown sugar. Chilled fresh milk is then poured into the cup & a layer of velvety & savoury cheese cream is added on top. That’s not all! Brown sugar bits are sprinkled and torched into a crisp, caramelised crust, adding another dimension of flavor & texture in this sweet treat! Does this sound delicious to you?

📍 : @rbteasg, Marina Bay Sands
💵 : $5.80
👄 : Will I return? Yes! I finished the whole cup & it was filling!
🌟 : Tips - other outlets were cheaper and selling at only $4.80!


Flaky croissant with generous chilli crab filling found at #carouselland bazaar. It was more to the sweet side, wasn’t spicy & had the taste of egg mayo. I think they mixed the chili crab fillings together with the classic egg mayo & served with some chips. It was not bad just that it tasted more like sweet tomato sauce rather than Chili. Do you prefer it to be sweet or spicy? 😅 Had an additional order of truffle chips by the side which had NO taste of any truffle. Been trying to find the booth name for this all over the internet yet it was impossible. Seems like nobody tag any food pics from’s biggest indoor bazaar. Probably everyone just focusing on shopping! Will you stick to the classic egg mayo 🥐 or will you try something like this?

Handmade traditional kuehs made on the spot & fresh from their steamer throughout the day!
I’m not even Teochew yet my dad buys this for breakfast/ snack every week. Which is your favorite? Pink rice kueh or turnip soon kueh?
📍 : Yong’s Teochew Kueh, 150 East Coast Road.
💵 : From $1.20 each
🌟 : Tips - closed on Monday. Must eat with their black sweet sauce & Chili sauce.

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My expectation for chicken cutlet & Spicy sauce is pretty high & this surprised me. I had the spicy chicken cutlet that came with cheese, pickle, chopped cabbage, chilli & mustard sauce.

Chicken cutlet were juicy & tender like mcspicy! It’s huge & filling since it was double chicken (like a double mcspicy) but I loved it so much that I ordered another one to try!! Had the beef bulgalbi that came with a beef rib patty, omelette egg, pickles, shredded cabbage & a special savoury-sweet sauce which was abit too sweet for me. I gave my honest feedback to them on how to improve it & was told sauces were all flown in directly from Korea & they will informed them. I haven’t tried the one in Korea so I can’t compare but I think we Singaporeans like savoury food more? Or both?
📍 : @isaactoastsingapore
Plaza Singapura #B2-42.

Eating my heart out around the world. Instagram : carbiedaphie & xdaphnewee

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