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Erica Leong
Erica Leong

The restaurant that recently I went try is Ah Yat kitchen.
I only tried a few items due to limited space of my tummy 😆.
The dish that I will highly recommend is Crispy Cheong Fun with Shrimp.
smooth skin roll wrapped the crisps plump shrimp, topped with ebiko and with light soya sauce as a dipping.
📍Ah Yat Kitchen.
Far East Plaza, #05-36

Champion Polo Bun had been quite the hype on social media before the ban on dine-in was imposed during the Phase 2 (Heightened Alert) period — aside from the pretty interiors of the three-storey shophouse that it occupies, much has also been mentioned about their Bolo Buns as well.

Visiting their store during mid-day on a weekend afternoon, we were actually pretty lucky that there were still quite a number of empty seats around and that there was a lack of queue — the queue started to form up shortly after while we were collecting our order. That being said, the Mini Bolo Buns were already sold out for the day.

Between the two, the Classic Bolo Bun with Butter was a clear winner for me — possibly one of the best, if not the best Bolo Bun that I have had around the island. The bread beneath is fluffy — almost akin to a slightly firmer yet fluffier rendition of neighbourhood bakery buns, but the crispiness of the buttery crust on top is surprisingly fragrant and sufficiently sweetened; so crisp that one would be able to hear audible crunching sounds as one munches on it. It comes with a slab of salted butter — some may notice how its a bit thin compared to some other establishments, but I think it did complement the Bolo Bun adequately without overwhelming the fragrance of the bun. The Curry Bolo Bun comes almost the same in terms of texture, but comes well-filled with curry filling that contains small cubes of potatoes that were pretty soft. Enjoyed how piquant and spicy the curry gravy was; sufficiently coconut-y with a distinct fiery punch that provides a good kick to tingle the taste buds, but the purist in me still prefers the alluring fragrance of the Classic Bolo Bun instead.

A lot has been said about the Bolo Buns from Champion Bolo Bun, and I would say that I can only agree to the hype that I have heard thus far about it — possibly one of the best Bolo Buns around especially when it comes to that shattering-crisp buttery crust over the top; definitely worth trying at least once, but something which we will likely be going for again!

Satisfying bagels w great texture and substantial fillings! I love the maple mayo in the BEC, balances out the saltiness of the bacon(or ham). Love the melty cheddar and monterey jack as well.

My favourite dish here! Shredded crispy fried chicken mixed with homemade sambal, portion was good.

Choose from a whopping spice level of 1 to 12 - we had level 3 and it was already pretty spicy (by my standards 😂), but it was a good, addictive kind of heat that keeps you going back for more mouthfuls! Absolutely loved the sambal (which they probably should sell on the side cos I can imagine pairing this with rice would make any meals fantastic).

Would be even better if the rice here was the same blue pea coconut rice as the Nasi Lemak 😛

First of all the atmosphere is really nice. Even down to the russian music that was playing. For food i had the Zharkoe which was a stew of potatoes, veggies and pork, as well as a kompot - a traditional russian homemade fruit punch. The kompot was really delicious in its own way and wasnt sweet, i was delighted to try it. The stew was tasty and complex in flavours because of the mix of ingredients used, overall it worked well as a tasty stew that i finished every drop of.

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One of their signature main course, serving with 250g bone in pork chop, cajun roasted potato, roasted vegetable and mustard brown sauce.

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my favourite dish of the night. The mushroom was bursting with umami, having soaked up all the sauce in the bowl and was incredibly flavourful! I enjoyed the sauce so much, I paired my naan with it to get a wholesome balance of textures to the meal.

What a satisfying meal. The ground pot chicken was certainly new to us and oh boy, the braised potatoes and hand pulled noodles were amazing. The dumplings and mantous were polished off pretty quickly. Would revisit this friendly eatery again. Be sure to come in groups so that you can try more items off their menu!

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A classic pairing of ham and cheese, this Off The Bone galette was pretty darn good! Crisp on the sides and we loved the combination of the gruyere/ cheddar, slightly salty ham & oozy yolk, dusted with paprika. While enjoyable, it’s not filling at all so yep a tad on the pricey side. Pair it with a good cuppa and you’ve got yourself a good tea break!

Was also happy to see Ronin’s French toast on the menu! Can’t quite put my finger on what’s different BUT I think this is still one of the best French toast. Still fluffy, eggy, with the delightful pairing with hazelnut butter, bacon and sweet braised apple.

A hearty brunch that is healthy and tasty! 🤩Quite a big portion, very worth with burpple beyond. The generous avocado spread with the slightly salty egg is not just a feast for the eye but an explosion of flavour for the tastebuds!! They pair so well together with the toast and we just can't stop ourselves from reaching out for another slice! The mushroom toast was a scrumptious mess, with an overload of well-sauteed mushrooms that paired really well with the cream cheese(?) The mushroom and avocado toast both have a charred mentaiko smell it was so so addictive 😍 im already missing it! 😋🥺

Super delicious and value for money with Beyond’s 1-for-1! I’m definitely not a healthy eater and hesitated a great deal at the menu, but I was really impressed at our flavourful the bowl was while still keeping it a healthy meal. A nice and cosy place during weekday dinners

Do check with the staff the terms for using beyond 1-1, as it can get a little complicated.

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