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The  Food Compendium
The Food Compendium

PSA it's at Conrad, level 2. Take mrt to orchard boulevard station and walk pasta Jen or wtv the first hotel name was

I think it's pretty underwhelming overall, particularly if you're someone who's had good Italian food. That's really the irony of the situation, only with experience are you able to pick out what's good, but you will also be sorely disappointed by most of their offerings here, there's only like about 3 offerings that stand out, and the much heralded cheese room isn't really all that, coming from someone who loves cheese. Even with this discounted price, I think it's not worth it at all. If I only had the items I liked, I'd say with discount it might barely be worth it

PSA cheese room only avail for dinner buffet, but it hardly matters cos you're only going to eat at most 200g of cheese in 1 sitting, it's better to let them serve up a curated selection during lunch, objectively. However I know most people would prefer the illusion of choice and go and look around at the spread, but wtv

Take this cheese for example. With chili it's supposed to be quite unique alr, but the chili is so mild that it really isn't.

Apart from 1 blue cheese 1 scarmoza, 1 soft cheese for representation, the rest were quite literally almost all hard/ semi-hard cheese.

That's very very disappointing to me because honestly, they taste mostly the same, some are abit more acidic, some are less mild, but srsly they're not that different.

The cheese room is really highly overrated, unless you enjoy hard cheese you're not gonna have too much fun here.

It's a proper scarmoza, slightly smokey with chewiness, not crumbly at all. It's a decent scarmoza

It's not that strong actl, it's quite pleasant and crumbly and I really enjoyed this

There's 4 types of honey, truffle, lemon, chili and normal.

The pecans served alongside were lousy

This was pretty average, it's like carrot cake sponge w a weird salty banana cream, except the banana taste was super weak

I also tried the warm apple crumble which is very normal, and the pistachio Panna cotta. The Panna cotta might be the only thing in the dessert section worth trying, maybe apart from the pear tart, it's got nice texture and the pistachio flavour was strong as well

The pear taste wasn't very strong but I liked this quite abit, it's very soft and mildly sweet inside and this very enjoyable, kind of like crossing cake and cream. The jelly topping worked brilliantly too, but the crust didn't adhere to the filling well

Either I messed up, or they messed up, but there was an explosive truffle taste to this. I hated it

PSA cold seafood section has no more crabs

Artichoke is about as you expect, quite mild. The olive dip is crazy strong.

This impressed me, the soft texture and the depth of flavour was unexpected. I never thought I would go back to the salad section

They also have balsamic vinegar, from unaged to 12 years. The white balsamic vinegar really left and impression, it's sweet, fruity, there's a bit of wine taste, and just very bright overall even though it's not aged at all. On the other hand, the 12yr balsamic vinegar had depth and was strong as it should be, but too sharp for me

Asked the next table and apparently this was the best meat alr. Having tried this, I think it's very believable a judgment

It's quite well roasted, reasonably tender and just a little bit chewy. The mustard went well, but I'm not a fan of mustard. There's a nice lamb umami too

PSA bread section no more noteworthy bread, like squid ink bread or mushroom bread

The sauce was way too sharp

Only the most annoyingly accurate, the most painfully truthful reviews.

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