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3 Nollar ... 3 Dollar Treats !

3 Nollar ... 3 Dollar Treats !

Exploring how you could stretch your dollar and still enjoy great food at 3 dollars or less 😇
MichelleLIN  T
MichelleLIN T
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Old school Wanton horfun

I like all things traditional including my wanton noodles 😊 but better still if there is a horfun option :)

Nice QQ horfun with a traditional garlicky chilli sauce , lean cuts of char siew ( the way I like it ! ) and plump wantons :)

My default place to go when I need a quick wanton noodle fix in the evening or for supper .

I must add that their soup is delicious ! Full of umami :)

You ji food stall
Unit 02-10

I love the old school QQ chee cheong fun ( rice rolls) from this stall in Tiong Bahru market.

For ease of navigating , this is about 2 to 3 stalls away from the famous Tiong Bahru chee kweh stall.

The combination of the home made savoury chilli 🌶 with the classic black sweet sauce is just a match make in heaven.

The ginkgo nut porridge ( which is almost extinct these days ) is also exceptional - something so simple but so satisfying.

Go early to avoid disappointment 😀

Cranberry scones

I used to patronise regent hotel for their afternoon tea and scones but after some while spending xxxx dollars didn’t seem that worthwhile and the food standards were not as good .

When I have a scone craving these days , Cedele’s scones are the best for me . Best bought home and lightly toasted in the oven before eating , these scones are perfect - probably one of the best scones I have eaten and maybe even better than the regent ones.

A light crusty outer layer with a moist and tender interior and a delectable high quality buttery fragrance , this is so so so so good .

This time , I had my scones with homemade kaya instead of the usual jam and clotted cream. Try yours with kaya next time and you may be in for a surprise at good they both fit together .

At 2.20 , this is really a value for money breakfast / afternoon snack 😊

Earl grey scones

The diligent shall be rewarded ....

Though most of the breads at crown bakery may look a little expensive for their size , fear not if you are on a budget or all you want is just something small to much in between meals .

The mini scones at brown bakery though small, are packed with a good lunch of flavour .

I particularly like the early grey scones. I like the exchange of flavours between the early grey tea leaves which helps cut through the buttery richness of the scones. Only TOP quality French butter is used so you won’t get that nasty 🤢 “ butter - imposter “ type flavour that you get from some pastry shops with the who knows what they use type of ingredients .

Available also in red wine and fig flavour and rum and radon flavour , these scones are only 1 dollar each and they only have limited quantities daily .

Be sure to have your scones slighted heated up so you can get that slightly crusty exterior and warm tender interior.

Do read by review on johann bakery ‘s 1 dollar corn pan too ! Cheap doesn’t mean no good !

1 dollar can get you pretty good deals too if you search hard enough 😊

Silky Dou Hua

This is a small corner shop within Holland Village Hawker that sells beancurd and soya bean / Chin Chow Drinks.

My Favourite would be the very light and silky beancurd and their warm soya bean drink with their distinctive Pandan infused syrup .

Drop by for a no frills breakfast :)

I love these delicate croissants from Crown bakery .

Made with natural raisin yeast and natural leaven , this croissant 🥐 was so flavourful . Definitely a winner for me 😊

Delightfully light -these were not greasy at all .

For a value for money breakfast , pop in before 11 am on weekdays to get a breakfast set with salad, 2 eggs 🍳 your choice , salad and a cup of hot brew at 8.90.

Hole in the wall

My cosy corner is indeed a “cosy” eatery because of space restraints.

This place brings back a lot of good memories - especially so since it was so near my JC.

The popiah is very tasty with lots of crispy fried flour bits and fried shallots. The popiah here reminds me very much of ann Chin’s popiah except that the egg condiments here are cut more chunky ( instead of the shredded eggs from ann Chin ) and there is an addition of fried shallots in the popiah ( Ann Chin has only the crispy fried flour bits).

Otherwise , the stewed turnips and the chilli taste very much the same .

For those of you who are looking for a little more value , you will be pleased to know that in the new food Court on the third floor of coronation plaza , ann Chin popiah has started their operations.
And for 2 Popiahs, you pay 3.60 instead of 5 dollars at my cosy cafe .

However - if you still like to reminisce the old times and sit and watch the aunties in operation, then my cosy cafe might be a better choice .
You can order their popular Mee siam and laksa to go along with your popiah too ( although I would recommend kiliney’s Kopitiam mee siam at their main branch at Kiliney for a more pronounced Assam taste and less coconuty milk “ )

Be warned that service is brisk so please make your orders loud and clear 😆

Do see my previous review ( See under category “ Chef - in - me “ posted on 31st Dec 2017 on ann Chin popiah for their very tasty and fuss free popiah party pack ( self pick up from various locations including coronation plaza ) .

Happiness is in simplicity

I love the concept and the sincerity of the bakes at Dong Po cafe - a cafe with such a rich history .

Just a classic marble cake washed down with a fragrant teh-o.

The Pandan coconut pound cake ( new on shelves) is really really good too. Just a light and fragrant natural Pandan flavour with coconut shreds adorning the cake.

Perfect cafe to sit back and watch the world go by 😋

My Choice Chwee Kueh

Smooth kueh texture - ✅
Robust and balanced chye Poh - ✅
Aromatic and spicy home made chilli - ✅
Good oil control for chye Poh - ✅

Do note that there are 2 Chwee kueh stalls in clementi market so go for the right one 😊

Only for pau enthusiasts

Although nam kee pau has outlets across Singapore , I find that eating the paus from valley point (where they are made on the spot ) to be much more enjoyable. I find that the fresh paus are more tender and pillowy.

There is this excitement of getting my hot pau and tearing it apart slowly and watch the red bean paste ooze out 🤤.

Perhaps only pau / bread enthusiasts will know what I mean by getting your pau ( Freshly steamed) and eating it ( immediately ).

This discreet bubble tea shop was originally sited within abc market. I am a loyal fan of this stall because it’s Taiwanese owner has such exceptional service and actually remembers our unique orders.

Her teas are brewed with high quality tea leaves and are so fragrant - distinctively different from most bubble tea shops outside.

She has since also introduced her natural Pandan waffles which are made with real Pandan juice ( no food colouring). They are so incredibly fluffy within and crisp on the outside. Try it with 2 scoops of ice cream ( for 2 dollars only !) or opt for her home made red bean filling ( 1.50) which is so aromatic and creamy - I just can’t get enough of it .

This stall is situated at the hdb block just 2 mins away from abc Hawker, just along the same row where you would find ntuc Fairprice.

They close at 7 pm so if you like some incredibly good waffles and bubble tea , do visit early .

Small in size, Big in flavour

I ordered a whole lot of panettones which were directly imported from Italy last year as Christmas gifts for friends and family. It was extravagant but I love seeing the smiles on their faces when they receive something special.

Intrigued at how a locally made panettone would fare,I decided to try out cedele’s mini panettone.

It was so incredibly moist, filled with generous dried fruits and had just the right sweetness to it. The bread dough was so flavourful - perfumed with a sourdough type taste that is so distinctive.

The best part is that it is just the right size for one or two to share and so you can finish it in one seating.

At 2.50 per panettone, it’s is incredibly value for money.