Lean & Green

Hey there, fellow foodies! Staying healthy and energetic helps you enjoy more time with your loved ones. If you're a vegetarian or craving a guilt-free delight, you're in for a tasty surprise! Burpple Beyond has offered some of the best 1-for-1 deals and percentage discounts that you can redeem. It's a win-win: your wallet is happy and you're eating healthy!

Heybo (Havelock): 20% off Online Orders (~save $5)

Photo by Burpple Guides | Deal Valid till 30 Jun 2024

For ultimate nutrition

If you’re looking to customize a plentiful bowl of goodness without feeling guilty, Heybo will turn your hunger into vitality with its radiant and healthy ingredients! The delectable array of ingredients will make you spoilt for choices. Each selection that you make contains a significant amount of nutrition that will guarantee you a day of energy. Enjoy 20% off your online orders when you simply enter the promo code upon picking your ingredients. Try something different! Mix a warm bowl of Sweet Potato Noodles, alongside Baked Salmon, Radish Pickles with Spiced Chickpeas on the side.

SaladStop! (UE BizHub): 20% off Online Orders (~save $5)

Photo by Cherie Heng| Deal Valid till 30 Jun 2024

For great selection

Unlike its name, SaladStop! never stops making you hunt for mighty food. Salad, wrap, protein bowls, smoothies and acai – you name it. They are ever so generous with their offerings, where its Signature Hail Caesar Wrap is packed with fillings from Romaine, Bacon Bits, Parmesan, Grated Eggs, and many more! What’s even better is that when you consume the wrap, you’re also reducing carbon footprint as it is freshly made using plant-based foods and sustainably sourced ingredients. With 20% off online deals, complete your meal with their juicy line of smoothies like a cup of Berrylicious or Cheeky Monkey.

Wooshi (Fusionopolis): 1-for-1 Make-Your-Own Bowl/Roll (~save $10.90)

Photo by Burppler Don Don Donki| Deal Valid till 30 Jun 2024

For Sushi Rolls lovers

For those adventurous food seekers out there, come down to Wooshi to enjoy a variety of fusion Poke Bowls and Sushi Rolls. Their 1-for-1 MYO deals will enlighten your spirits as you get creative and get rolling! If you’re thinking of having a Korean inspired Poke Bowl with a hint of local flavors, then be sure to add Gochujang Chicken topped with their Slippery Chilli Crab or Nutty Sambal squeeze. Go lean and green by selecting Avocado, Beancurd Skin and Cucumber Strips for their rolls. Their mains, fillers, toppings and sauce are never-ending, so swing by their vibrant yet cozy outlet to satisfy your tastebuds.

Butter & Spice: $39.90/$49.90 Burpple Set (~save $10)

Photo by Burppler Julius Lim| Deal Valid till 30 Jun 2024

For a taste of Indian cuisine

Butter & Spice offers a hearty Indian dining experience, offering vegetarian options. Sate your appetite with their savory Burpple Set, at only $39.90, that includes 2 mains with selections under the lamb, seafood, egg, chicken and vegetable category as well as 2 soft drinks. Butter & Spice will ensure you leave with great delight as you enjoy a fulfilling meal, especially with your loved ones. This hidden gem offers a restful atmosphere welcomed by pleasant greetings by staff, making it a perfect spot for family lunch or dinner.

Rebel: $10 Sandwich Set (~save $3)

Photo by Burppler Jessica Chew| Deal Valid till 30 Jun 2024

For quick delight

If you’re looking for a light yet balanced meal, Rebel serves as a perfect spot for you. Their baguette bread sandwich offers you a genuine form of flavors with a considerable amount of meat and veggies. Their classic sandwich set is super wallet-friendly at $10 only, that comes with a drink. Be it their signature sandwiches like the Original Rebel that consist of juicy chicken patties with Asian slaw, mayo and their secret Rebel sauce and fresh coriander, or their vegan selection that is meat free, Rebel has it for everyone. Its festive interior and bustling environment offers an enjoyable dining experience with family and friends.

Sarnies (Telok Ayer): 30% off Food Bill (~save $5.40), 1-for-1: Mains (Dinner) (~save $20)

Photo by Burppler Xin Peh| Deal Valid till 30 Jun 2024

For a warm brunch

Sarnies offers a versatile dining experience with its 30% food bill and 1-for-1 Dinner deals on a diverse line of food. As it opens early in the morning, simply try their huge Breakfast Veggie Wrap that could be enjoyed for 2. Its generous portion of creamy avocado, scrambled eggs, roasted mushrooms and tomatoes attract the crowd. If you’re thinking of a palate for brunch, head on to try their Smoked Salmon toast burger that is delectable with the right seasoning. The warm and inviting ambience is great for families and even pets.

What The Falafel: 1-for-1 Falafel (6 pieces) (~save $12)

Photo by Burppler Burpple Guides| Deal Valid till 30 Jun 2024

For delightful chunks of Turkish flavors

Jump in to enjoy exclusive Turkish delights with its 1-for-1 Falafel offerings. The 6 pieces Falafel for a diner is sufficient to fill your temptation for some Turkish flavors, as each Falafel is incredibly tender and flavorful made from the freshest ingredients. Place an order online and you sure can’t stop with a few pieces. The Falafels are great accompaniment for an after meal, or a snack as you catch on your favorite movie at home.

Picolino (Orchard): 20% off Pizza/Pasta (Mon-Thu) (~save $10)

Photo by Burppler Eat & Huat| Deal Valid till 30 Jun 2024

For Italian comfort food

This vegetarian-friendly outlet serves an Italian rendition of pizza and pasta. Located in the heart of Singapore, enjoy 20% off Pizza/Pasta on Mondays-Thursdays when you dine in with your company. Their Burrata pizza needs no explanation, the fluffy yet crispy crust alongside chimichurri, capsicum and tomato pesto is enough to satisfy you with a flavorful dining experience. Do check out their Spinach Tortilla too for a unique and savory meal to fill your hunger. This exquisite and decorous outlet serves a warm ambience for customers.

IPPAI - Modern Izakaya: 1-for-1 Don (Lunch) & 1-for-1 Hot Tapas (Dinner) (~save $15-$20)

Photo by Burppler Jessica Chew| Deal Valid till 30 Jun 2024

For unforgettable Japanese dining experience

Travel all the way to Japan for an exclusive delight of Don during lunch and Hot Tapas for dinner. The 1-for-1 deals would guarantee a connoisseur dining experience as its Chirashi Don is greatly filled with diced and marinated sashimi, topped with beautiful and refined edible flowers that are Instagram-worthy. Enjoy this unique pleasure as you get the feel of the traditional dine in, with its Don served in ceramic white soup plate along with soup and refreshing sides to clear your palate. This restaurant provides a warm and dynamic Japanese atmosphere, making it special for diners.

LingZhi Vegetarian 灵芝素食馆 (Liat Towers): 15% off Ala Carte Food and 20% off Ala Carte Food (Mon-Thu) (~save $15-$20)

Photo by Burppler Burpple Guides| Deal Valid till 30 Jun 2024

For organic and vegetarian Chinese cuisine

Whip up one of the quality Chinese cuisine serving delicate and appetizing vegetarian dishes. Ever heard of their specialties such as the Firecracker Monkey Head Mushroom marinated with fragrant sauces and spices and Vegetarian Fish with either curry sauce, Thai-style, Pine Nut Sweet sauce to go along with it? Fret not, these vegetarian Chinese cuisines are constantly enjoyed among our Burpplers. So, grab your family and friends to venture these unique dishes and who knows you'll be back for more! Their spacious and welcoming ambiance embraces an ideal spot for get-togethers.

With these fantastic deals, Burpple Beyond is your ticket to exploring the best vegetarian-friendly and healthy cuisines without burning a hole in your wallet. Burpple Beyond will surely make your next dining experience a plentiful yet satisfying one. Savour your meal today!