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🍫Tidbits • Junk Snacks • Convenient Food

Featuring 7-Eleven Singapore, DON DON DONKI (Orchard Central), Giant Hypermarket, NTUC FairPrice, The Golden Duck Co. (ChinaTown Point), NTUC FairPrice, Fairprice Xtra, Takasimaya
Yan Fang Lim
Yan Fang Lim

This flavor is a caramelized sandwich cookie with traditional Biscoff biscuits on the outside and a Biscoff-flavored cream on the inside. They smell like Biscoff cookies and they taste like them too. Their shape and configuration is satisfying to crunch through, though the overall flavor doesn’t stray very far from a straight Biscoff biscuit at all.


I can literally smell the truffle aroma once I opened the packaging. The texture of chips is something similar to Ruffles. Other herbs and spices such as parsley, dill, garlic and sea salt are also used in their chips. No wonder it tastes so good!


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Crispy potato chips covered in savory toasted cereal, it did tastes like those cereal prawns found at zi-char stalls with an additional milk-powder taste. If you’re constantly craving for cereal prawns, this chips might satisfied your cravings!


This packet combines Nacho Cheese Doritos, Crunchy Cheetos, Harvest Cheddar SunChips and Tiny Twists Rold Gold Pretzels for a yummy cheesy snack.


If you’re a fan of M&M’s, you gonna love this. There’re bits of mini M&M’s found in the milk chocolate bar. Is sweet but nice! (S$2).

The noodles texture is something similar to Pontian wanton noodles. After mixing in the seasonings, there’s a nice fragrance of lard oil and dark soy sauce. Is a nice packet of instant noodles, but I personally feel that is lacking in chili sauce. If they provide those home-made chili sauce kind, this bowl of instant noodle is complete!

(S$5.50 - 5 individual packets)

A separate oil (likely is sesame oil) packet was found in the instant noodle. After adding the oil into the instant noodles, it smells even more fragrant. White sesame can be found in the soup and it tastes abit garlicky.

The glass noodles taste so on point, it’s silky texture and rich broth fragrance brings a bit of the wok hei punch. There are three prawns found underneath the glass noodles, which tastes crunchy. I personally think that it will tastes even more legit if I stir-fried it on the wok! (S$6.40).

You can smell the fragrance of bak kwa when you first opened the packet of chips. Each chips is seasoned evenly with the saltiness and a hint of sweetness in between. Not bad, but I would prefer the “normal” flavoring chips. (Promotion: S$2.75 for 2 packets).

At first whiff, it smells like potent Indian curry powder, no prata smell at all. Their chips is crispy and not so thick. The fiery notes of chili assault the tongue first followed by a hint of sourness which resemble Assam. The doughy and egg flavor only flutters in as an aftertaste, after I’ve almost done munching. I personally do not like the doughy and egg flavor, but the spice is good. (S$3).

A strong sweet grape fragrance that can be smelled once you open the packet. It comes in a form of a cube, and contains some smaller but harder kind of gums in the cube itself. Would prefer the apple flavored one. (S$2.20)

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