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Featuring Strangers' Reunion, The Bakery by Woodlands Sourdough, BURGS by Project Warung (Golden Mile Food Centre), Brothers in Fine Food, Haráru Izakaya, Toa Payoh West Market & Food Centre, Siti Nur Liyana Mee Rebus (Adam Road Food Centre)
Yan AW
Yan AW
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With the Downtown Line 3 now open, Singapore feels very much smaller. Finally made my way to this hipster place to try what they've got. I went for the Beef stew ($15). They actually use dark chocolate as 1 of the ingredients. Tastewise: the beef were tender, the sauce tasted creamy but IMO was bland and was lacking in perhaps spices or seasoning thus it was quite cloying (jelak) after a few spoonfuls. The good thing it was served piping hot. As for dessert, the Polenta ($9) was kinda a letdown IMO. It reminded me very much of a middle eastern semolina-syrupy cake called "basboussa". The cream was the consolation to me IMO 😁. Anyway, food aside, their coffees were quite impressive.

Was there at lunchtime and the queue was super long. However the wait was bearable as they were quite fast! The fries were ok, just like any normal thick cut potato fries. The chicken teriyaki patty was also ok, a little charred at the sides. The sauce was a little sweet IMO...overall I'd give this 3.5 stars out of 5.

The sourdough toast with sage cream cheese and berry compote ($4) was ok, nothing spectacular. The latte ($5) was yums. I probably will come back again for it. They had many bakes, both sweet and savouries up for grabs. Prepare to queue and wait. Was there on saturday 9am and the queue was long.

Was famished and wasn't about to settle for a greasy breakfast at the hawker centre. This stall (Perdana Muslim) which was a couple stalls away from Uggli Muffins, served Seafood Hor Fun ($4) at 9.30am! It was prepared fresh and I stood by enthusiastically seeing how my breakfast was made. Verdict: Super shiok!

Passed by this hipster cafe and since there is always space for dessert and another latte, I decided to pop in 🙃 How pleased I was to find an "ice cream-less" option in their Buttermilk waffle. It was definitely healthier IMO as it came with Greek yoghurt, maple syrup, fresh bananas, strawberries and 4 blueberries. My only gripe was the yoghurt made the otherwise heavenly "crispy outside yet fluffy inside" waffle become rather soggy. The 7 spice chai latte was quite weak in the spices taste. It needed more spices to give it a chai kick, IMO. Total spend was $20.80 including 10% service charge and GST. Worth mentioning is the warm service and welcoming aura of the wait staff and cashier. Will probably head back there again soon.

Mee Rebus, if well cooked, can be quite a gastronomic goodness. The mutton broth married with the right amounts of spices, sweet potato and generous garnishings of celery, fried shallots, green chilis and tofu can leave you with a satisfying meal. This hawker stall definitely makes good mee rebus ($3) IMO. Add a piece if otak-otak for $1. Too bad the begedil (potato cutlet) was sold out because it really tastes good with mee rebus 😃

The place was nicely done up to look like the real deal i.e. an izakaya. The wait staff were also nice and courteous. As for the food and the price tag it came with, I am generally not blown away by the portion (check out the size of the unagi in the picture). The portions were not standardised as another person in our party ordered the same Unagi Don and the Unagi portion was much more than mine). The nice touch was the Japanese Tea which they kept refilling for us. I am giving overall 3 stars only because of the service. Food was ok only and not wow! Spectacular! kind. Place accepts credit cards payment and there's GST and Service charge.