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chutoro eats
chutoro eats

Earl grey and tieguanyin is a close runner up 😋 Very value for money and great service, can’t wait to be back! 😊
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😆 We had:
- smoked quail egg and caviar (seems like a staple for all)
- white pepper chicken necks 😋
- Jamaican chicken and lime crema 😋
- steak frites (added on cause it looked good on other diners’ plates)
- leek white truffle (probably the most expensive leek I’ll ever eat in my life 😂)
- beef marmalade & pickles (my fave item🥰)
- belly chop with apple and raspberry compote (portion was bigger than expected and i preferred this over the tenderloin!)
- beef tenderloin with burnt onion and bone marrow (a beauty, but I needed some salt 😛)
- chocolate fondant with smoked ice cream (I need a few pints of this!!!)
This is definitely a place where you will be torn between ordering the tried and tested or the other items that sounds/looks/smells so good. Solution: return for another visit! As long as you make your reservation online at 12am 3 months prior 🤫
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Think these are better than the regular ones 😁 There’s beer, red wine with cheese, Chinese rice wine, whiskey and cognac! 啤酒,红酒芝士,花雕酒,威士忌和干邑(how many people knows how to read this last word 😆) If only the cheese didn’t overpower the red wine it will be perfect!
Would prefer thinner dough on the pan-fried chilli crab bun, but I like how the fillings bursted out when you take a bite (be careful there!) Dongbo pork was quite standard, but we really enjoyed the deep-fried very crispy duck that came with lotus buns 😋
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The shiitake bread also exceeded my expectations 😳 I stole a bite at room temperature and I couldn’t stop eating it! The bread was so full of flavour and chewy 🤤 the toppings are just icing on the cake~
The orange chocolate escargot was devoured before I had a chance to try 😩 but I was told it was verrrrrrry good 😒

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And if that’s not enough, sunflower seeds are great too! 😍

For today, there’s also pineapple rum and whiskey, though it’s not the Black Nikka version I had😏

Big thanks to @allabouttiramisu for giving me a special preview of their upcoming Earl Grey tiramisu! It might be their best flavour ever! (Although I seem to be saying that about each new flavour they roll out 😛) Infusing gin with earl grey really creates an intense flavour that’s nicely balanced 👍🏼👍🏼 #allabouttiramisu #tiramisu #saltedcaramelbaileys #pineapplerum #burpple #burpplesg #whati8today

Very happy that Amex had added The Capitol Kempinski to their Love Dining programme, which means 50% off our food items here 🤩
I strongly recommend the garlic prawns, and the medium rare tuna steak exceeded my expectations. All the other items we had were very good, from mixed anchovies, jamon to suckling pig with pumpkin mash 😋 The drinks are very reasonably priced and service was excellent! Can’t wait to revisit and try their other items 🥰If you don’t have an Amex platinum credit card, you can go for their weekday set lunch promotion 😁
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I loved everything in the Matsu omakase ($138++) we had! There’s the uni and wagyu tartare in a cone ❤️, refreshing salad with yuzu that is thankfully not over drenched in sauce, goma tofu, roasted wagyu, chamame (like edamame) in a monaka shell, chawanmushi topped with lots of unagi, different wagyu yakiniku grilled to your preference (medium rare of course), fragrant garlic fried rice, the best soup (because it’s not miso and the beef inside is sweet and tender) and even the dessert. Though I’m not usually a fan of panna cotta, it goes well with the fruits and looks festive🎄😁
Would love to return for the premium Ume set at $198++, but the affordable lunch only omakase at $68/98++ are very tempting too 🤔
The chef and staff are all very nice, and I love the cow figurine used to educate us on the different parts we are eating 😆
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I like that they only use 2g of sugar for each small jar so that I don’t feel too guilty, though it’s too easy to devour the whole thing in a few mouthfuls 😂
You can return the jars for a rebate, but I rather find my own uses for them 🥰
P.S. Check out their Christmas promotions!
#AllAboutTiramisu #Tiramisu #burpple #burpplesg

🙏🏼 P.S. The macarons were only available for a limited time, don’t be too sad if you didn’t get a chance to try 😏
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So happy to finally try this stall, it’s as good as others make them out to be! The best is the roasted pork belly with 酥脆 skin! It’s amazing how the skin can retain the crispness and also feels light. Someone I know who usually discards the fats on the roasted pork 😱actually eats this, and said the fats just melt in the mouth 🤤🤣
The char siew is very good too, though I prefer mine to be more charred!
Total weight: ~260+g
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Although I hear the Vanilla Salted Caramel and Earl Grey Lavender calling out to me, I decided on Pumpkin Spiced. Spiced pumpkin cake, cream cheese frosting, butterscotch drizzle and spiced crumble. Can pretend that I'm holidaying in the fall season 😂
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