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Ikigai J
Ikigai J

2 Apr’22, Sat🌧️
📍Go! K-BBQ (Telok Ayer St)
- Aged Black Pork Belly (3 servings, each serving is 150g)🍖
- Spicy Rice Cake Stew🥘 (not in pic)
- Complimentary Steamed Egg & Side Dishes🍳

Quality black pork belly indeed! For someone who doesn’t like pork, this was totally acceptable~ not to worry about the unpleasant smell, there ain’t any!

Initially thought the fatty portion would be mushy and disgusting, but I was wrong, the fats are greasy in a good way, and chewy just like part of the meat itself~

Like that they test the heat temp and bbq for you, just to be sure that you taste the pork belly at its best condition…

The pork belly comes with some (really just some) rice cakes, mushrooms and spring onion for bbq, but these were good enough since there were other side dishes which definitely fill you up!

As for the spicy rice cake stew, tbh, so-so, can skip this…

Note: Do make reservation to avoid joining the crowd in the long queue…

Damage: $101.20

📍Hello Korean BBQ
- Spicy Chicken🍗
- Steamed Egg🍳
- Kimchi Pancake🥘
- Peach Soju🍑
- Grapefruit Soju🍶
- Sprite X 2🥤
- Sides🥢

The spicy chicken is quite standard, spicy but not too spicy, generous portion, quite value for money, not bad eh...

The kimchi pancake is thick, crispy on the surface while being moist and chewy inside, the kimchi is a little sour and spicy, can’t get enough of it, but super filling, good for sharing.

Find the steamed egg a little bland, suggest to skip that...

Complimentary sides, to my surprise, their sides are actually quite nice eh, not because they are free okay...

Soju for the night, cheers~

Damage: $70.50 (excluding the kimchi pancake)

1 May’19, Wed🌧⁣
📍 Wang Dae Bak Korean BBQ 왕대박⁣⁣
- Marinated Shoulder-Loin🥩⁣⁣
- Spicy Marinated Pork Belly🍖⁣
- Herb Wine Pork Belly🥓⁣
- Ginseng Chicken Soup🍲⁣
- Seafood Pancake🥞⁣⁣
- Japchae🍝⁣

The above orders are more than enough for 4 pax!

Quality (thick) meat, like the spicy marinated pork belly, their spicy marinated chicken is good too (had that in my previous visit)! As for the marinated shoulder-loin, quite decent in terms of taste (prefer spicy one though).

For the herb wine pork belly, find the wine aroma a little too overpowering, not something that I like, would probably skip that in the next visit...

The Ginseng Chicken Soup is good for sharing and so nice to be eaten on a rainy day~ The ginseng and glutinous rice taste are so distinct and warm one up after eating it, nice!

As for the seafood pancake, it is the must-order! Big pancake with generous seafood that can feed 3-4 pax, the size is like a large pizza, crispy on the outside, fluffy in the inside, and it’s super filling!

Lastly, the japchae, find it normal, nothing to complain but also no surprises...

Note: The sides are free flow and there are free ice cream too~ do make your reservation to avoid the crowd (super long queue mind you)!

Damage: $125.94

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6 Apr’19, Sat⛅️⁣⁣
📍Ajumma’s (Cathay)⁣⁣
- Grilled Norwegian Mackerel🐟⁣⁣
- Fried Chicken and Crispy Toppoki with Sweet-Spicy Sauce🥘⁣⁣
Affordable and yummy Korean cuisine~😋⁣⁣

Decent mackerel fish, I like it without the sauce though...

The fried chicken and crispy toppoki with sweet-spicy sauce is a good-for-sharing small bites, I believe it will go well with beer too~

Damage: ⁣$17.40

#ajummasg #ajumma #grillednorwegianmackerel #friedchickenandcrispytoppokiwithsweetspicysauce #friedchickenandcrispytopppki #koreanfoodsg #koreanfood #sgfood #instafood #burpple #burpplesg #singapore

5 Apr’19, Fri⛅️⁣⁣
📍Wang Dae Bak Korean BBQ 왕대박⁣⁣
- Boneless Prime Rib🥩⁣⁣
- Marinated Spicy Chicken🍗⁣⁣
- Seafood Pancake🥞⁣⁣
- Korean Style Instant Noodle🍜⁣⁣
Boneless prime rib is of good quality, can tell that this is not those cheapo meat.

The marinated spicy chicken is yum! The spicy (but not too spicy), tender and juicy chicken, is just so on point~

As for the seafood pancake, it is the must-order! Big pancake with generous seafood that can feed 3-4 pax (we asked for take away in the end for we couldn’t finish it), the size is like a large pizza, crispy on the outside, fluffy in the inside, super filling!

Lastly, the instant noodle, erm, nothing much to comment, the instant noodle you and I probably can get anywhere and everywhere, but decent lah...

Note: The sides are free flow (if I recall correctly) and there are free ice cream too~ do call to make your reservation to avoid the crowd (super long queue mind you)!

Damage: $89.45

#wangdaebakbbq #wangdaebakkoreanbbq #왕대박 #왕대박wangdaebakkoreanbbq #koreanbbq #bbq #koreanfood #koreanfoodsg #bonelessprimerib #marinatedspicychicken #seafoodpancake #koreanstyleinstantnoodle #sgfood #instafood #burpple #burpplesg #singapore

23 Feb’19, Sat⛅️⁣
📍O.BBa Jjajang (Tanjong Pagar)⁣
- BuDae JjiGae 부대찌개🥘⁣
- Jumeogbab 날치알주먹밥🍙⁣


BuDae JjiGae for two was a little challenging~ The rice cake, cheese, luncheon meat etc, too many for me to list them here...

It was not as spicy as it seemed, shiok and delicious initially, but gets a little salty and jelak (tired of the taste) at the end... Good for sharing and eating it with their side dishes can lighten the jelak-ness~

Jumeogbab was so fun to “play with”, we shouldn’t play with food but I mean, it’s pretty fun to hands on and make them into bite size kimbab yourselves for consumption~

They were flavourful, made up of fish roe, seaweed, and the yellowish thingy, not too sure what it was but tasted a bit like pickles or something, not spicy at all, not to worry... The ingredients complemented well with each other and can be eaten just alone like that, but the portion was generous, enough for 2 to share...

Overestimated our stomach, gotta take away the jumeogbab in the end...

Expect long queue during peak hours, but overall the dishes were yum!

Damage: $58.73

#obbajjajang #buduejjigae #jumeogbab #부대찌개 #날치알주먹밥 #koreanfood #koreanfoodsg #sgfood #instafood #burpple #burpplesg #singapore

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26 Jan’19, Sat🌥⁣
📍Chi-Bing 치빙 (Star Vista)⁣
Set Menu A⁣
- Budae Jigae Army Stew 부대찌개🥘⁣
- Steamed Egg 계란찜 🍳⁣
- Injeolmi Bingsu 인절미 빙수 (not in pic)🍨⁣

It’s been a long time since we last met, gathering before friend fly Shanghai for work~🤓⁣
The army stew, steamed egg & bingsu were yummy!😋⁣

Hot pipping army stew is good for sharing, taste wise, not exactly spicy, quite well balanced...

Doubt steamed egg can fail, can still taste the soup base in the steamed egg itself, give me a bowl of rice and I think I can finish the steamed egg on my own...

The bingsu is really a cold sweet treat to the tummy after all the hot & spicy stuff, a total relieve! Like completing the meal you know~

Will be back again~

Damage: approx $58.50 in total

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15 Dec’18, Sat🌧
📍Hong Jjajang 홍짜장
- Tangjamyun 탕짬면🍛
- Haemul Pajeon 해물파전🥞
- Japchae 잡채🍝
- Side dishes🥘

The tangjamyun is pretty nice, similar to that of our sweet and sour pork but a little more sour that is, quite like it...and the noodle with black sauce, it’s not wow but decent...

As for seafood pancake, find it a little disappointing, can’t really find much seafood in it, mostly pancake with vege, not worth the money...

Lastly for the japchae, pretty nice, something I will order again...

Tteokbokki, salad and mini pancakes are complimentary with dishes ordered, do check with the staff for more details when you are there...

Damage: $71.79

#hongjjajang #hong_jja_jang #홍짜장 #koreanfood #sgfood #instafood #burpple #burpplesg #singapore #tangjamyun #haemulpajeon #japchae #sidedishes

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28 Jul’18, Sat⛅️
📍SoJap Neun Eobu
- BBQ Set B🔥
• 5mm Sliced Pork Belly🥓
• 2mm Sliced Pork Belly🥓
• Marinated Pork Rib🍖
• Marinated Chicken🍗
• Doenjang-jjigae🍲
• Gyeran-jjim 🍳
• 6 refillable side dishes🥔

We ordered the BBQ set B (Pork) for 2 pax, like the meat as they are well marinated, yum!

Come along with the set is bean paste soup and Korean steam egg, nice!!!

Bonus: Their free flow side dishes are nice too, I like the shredded potatoes, kimchi, anchovies etc

Damage: $57.65
#sojapneuneobu #koreanbbq #bbq #5mmslicedporkbelly #2mmslicedporkbelly #porkbelly #marinatedporkrib #porkrib #marinatedchicken #chicken #doenjjangjiggae #gyeranjjm #sidedishes #sgfood #instafood #koreanfood #koreanfoodsg #burpple #burpplesg #singapore

17 May’18, Thu⛅️
- Spicy Chicken🍖
- Cabbage🥗
- Carrot🥕
- Corn🌽
- Edamame
- Kimchi
- White Rice🍚
- Apple Cider Gochujang🍎

Shake it to mix them and tuck in!

While it’s not bad (in terms of taste), decent lunch but not exactly wow, personally feel that for $8.90, I can get something better...

Damage: $8.90
#dosirak #dosiraksg #shakebibimbap #spicychicken #cabbage #edamame #kimchi #corn #carrot #whiterice #applecidergochujang #bowl #koreanfood #sgfood #instafood #burpple #burpplesg #singapore

21 Apr’18, Sat☁️
📍Patbingsoo Korean Dining House 팥빙수
- Spicy Ramyeon🍜
- Popcorn Chicken🍖 (refer to my ig pic)

Satisfied craving for Korean Ramyeon and fried chicken...

Have to say the Ramyeon is a little too salty to my likings, notwithstanding that the taste is good in general...

The popcorn chicken (and fried tteokbokki) with their spicy sauce got my heart in this case, crispy and really feel like getting some beer to go with it...

And the popcorn chicken is just an additional $1 for every meal purchased!

Damage: $16.95 (includes a bottle of plain water)
#patbingsookoreandininghouse #팥빙수 #spicyramyeon #popcornchicken #sgfood #instafood #koreanfood #burpple #burpplesg #goodthingsmustshare #singapore

13 Apr’18, Fri⛅️
SBCD Korean Tofu House 북창동 순두부...🥘
- Spicy BBQ Pork 제육볶음🍖
- Spicy Grilled Chicken 매운닭구이🍗
- Seafood Soontofu 해물순두부🥘
- Korean Seafood Pancake 해물파전🥗

Had dinner at SBCD Korean Tofu House 북창동 순두, managed to avoid the super long queue by reaching at abt 6.30pm...

The spicy bbq pork is not exactly spicy, those who got low tolerance of spiciness should be able to accept this...

For the grilled chicken, the chicken are quite tender and juicy...

Like the seafood soontofu too, the tofu is really soft and smooth (jus like tau huey) but find the soup a bit salty at the end...

As for the seafood pancake, to be honest, I find it more like a vege pancake than a seafood pancake as the “seafood” (I only found few bits of sotong in the pancake) are really almost nowhere in sight (少得可憐), though as a vege pancake, the taste is good...

Damage: $91.45 (inclusive of svc charge & GST)
#sbcdkoreantofuhouse #sbcdsingapore #북창동순두부 #sbcd #koreanfood #instafood #sgfood #spicybbqpork #spicygrilledchicken #seafoodsoontofu #koreanseafoodpancake #tofu #제육볶음 #매운닭구이 #해물순두부 #해물파전 #burpple #burpplesg #goodthingsmustshare #singapore

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