Wanna explore the food culture of American, Italian, German, etc...? Join me along to find out what sort of exquisite cuisine is available...
Wen Qi
Wen Qi

Doria! Cheap.

Abit gelat at the back cos of the cream.

Though pricey, portion is really huge and filling. Bring me back there! 😫

Love the sauce as it complements well with both fries and fish. Wish the sauce could be more. But oh well... luckily the fish was pan fried till crispy. Yummilicious!

Unique mochi-like dish, can’t really taste the pumpkin. The sauce was refreshing, a tad sour. I feel it is overpriced. Quantity is insufficient if you are a heavy eater. Nevertheless, it is a good 1 time experience.

Is authentic Italian Pasta supposed to be like this?

Ordered the Italian Sausage ($12) with Tagliatelle. Basically it is like clumpy Mee Pok, containing eggs. In my opinion, the overall taste is acceptable but i find it too oily.

But hands up to the sausage! 🙌🏻 Although the sausage is very dry, i like the strong spice after taste! These sausages have helped me to conquer finish this humongous portion of ‘Mee Pok’!

Highly Recommended to those that don’t want to burn their pockets badly and want to try handmade pasta at a very laid back chill place.

Do note that there is no service charge, so you have to help yourself at the counter! 🙃

Though on a pricey side, it is definitely worth the value as the quality of the food speaks it all.

Chicken is wonderfully flavoured with spices that is not too overwhelming. It is juicy too! Woot! Plus point... plus plus plus!

Moreover, they offer a variety of sides ranging from healthy vegetables to your killer carbs.

Their carbo items are aweeeesome. Mac'n Cheese is really stinkiful that you want to keep eating it while the gelatin-like mash potato is creamy, at the same time, the sauce is as flavourful as KFC's one.

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The chicken skin was crispy. It was decent. Pasta was kinda bland.

Overall: 3.75/5

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The lunch set was totally worth it. Comes with soup of the day (i recommend the mushroom soup) and a drink.

The sets (all inclusive of the famous baby pork ribs) we ordered were:
1. Roasted chicken (REALLY JUICY and TENDER)
2. Fish fillet (meh meh... tasted like mcdonald fillet o fish)
3. Fried Prawn (was still crunchy after some time)
4. Spicy drumlets

You can get to choose different sides:
1. Brocolli
2. Fries (really good)
3. Coleslaw (unique taste, subtle sourness)
4. Baked potato
5. Mashed potato (with bacons bits)

Service was good. The waitress dropped our utensils and gave us extra biscuits for the soup. Refillable plain water.

Ratings: 4.5/5

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Wen Qi

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Just a lazy person (hardly have any new updates) that loved the outdoor (but scared of the Hot Sun).

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