Couple Or Group Meals

Couple Or Group Meals

Featuring Marché Mövenpick (313@Somerset), mezza9 (Grand Hyatt Singapore), Chin Chin Eating House 津津, Soup Restaurant 三盅两件 (VivoCity), Ah Hoi's Kitchen, Astons Specialities (Joo Chiat), Hua Ting Steamboat, Sō (Velocity), Upin Hot Pot 優品火鍋 (Clarke Quay Central), The RiceTable
MichelleLIN  T
MichelleLIN T

Love this version of an old school ( Asian type ) bolognese.

Reminds me of the ones from Tanglin club in the old days .

One of the best versions I have had.
Crisp, non greasy , well marinated but not too salty .

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Innovative menu but sadly the execution lacked finesse. Lots of potential for this western diner but the execution needs improvement.

Salmon was over cooked and the eggplant parmigiana was almost burnt. The portion of the eggplant parmigiana was so little , it was hardly worth the overall price tag.

Better to stick with their lunch set deals for a moe affordable meal.

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Seafood heaven in a piquant garlicky sauce finished with a touch of buttery goodness.

Such value for money Pastas with a touch of class 🥰

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I call this a volcano of lasagne - just look at that avalanche of homemade tomato sauce and tender lasagne sheets with an explosion of cheese .

So very very very fresh and well executed .

One of the best lasagnes I have tasted .

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The name of the shop is literally satay. bbq chicken wing 😝 how creative .

Nevermind it’s name - the Satays were so well done - one of the best we have had in a long time.
It has that charredness and is not too sweet .

The peanut sauce is also piquant and Chunky and not too sweet .

I like the ketupat which is really aromatic and well made .


Best of all - no queue .

G&B bistro
Homemade italian
Alexandra central mall ( next to ikea )
Level 1

I have tasted enough pizzas and have tasted nice ones from “popular “ places but none has stolen my heart as the ones from G&B bistro .

Homemade , sincere and honest Italian food that is authentic . While the pizza was huge ( and amazingly affordable food court prices ) - I couldn’t have enough of it and so did my partner. We savoured till the last piece and didn’t feel stuffed .

For those of you whom have tasted “ homemade italian “ at the old golden shoe food court many years back - the stall that did popular anti pasti and pasta dishes , you would be glad that they have now their own space to serve up an expanded menu.

Well balanced homemade pizza sauce , hand stretched dough with a good balance of crisp ones and chewiness , generous cheese and generous toppings .

Amazing .

For those of you whom remember this brand called homemade Italian situated at the old golden shoe food court .

So glad I manage to reunite with the owner at Alexandra central ( next to ikea ).

I rarely pay for pastas outside but her mushroom Arrabiata I gladly pay . The sauce is homemade from scratch , a guarded Italian recipe - a good balance of tart , savoury and a tinge of sweet . It sticks to the pasta for dear life so not some sloppy , wet and dilute type of sauce. The pasta is cooked perfect to al dente . Entirely faultless and completely unexpected from a bistro .

They also do a very good homemade pesto cream sauce for those of you pesto fans 🥰.

Food court prices at hotel quality .

What a surprise - these onion rings were pretty amazing .

Crisp and fresh .


Still the best for an affordable fuss free authentic chop.

I dream of food .

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