CBD Eats

CBD Eats

For every place that falls within walking distance of Raffles Place, City Hall and Tanjong Pagar MRT station.
Hilary See
Hilary See

This is the new yakult in town.

Bought a bottle of Pure Amazake to add into my breakfast routine (could substitute water in smoothies, milk in oats etc) and it's said to help with digestion and detox.

On its own, it's hella sweet, which is why Amamoto mixes it with cold pressed juices or unsweetened soy milk for their drinks.

If I work in the CBD, I'll definitely make a pit stop every week to have their cold Roasted Soybean — so refreshing! #Burpproved


If you've always wanted to try puffer fish, look no further. Guenpin brings in puffer fish straight from its trawler in Japan, so prices are kept affordable for customers. Don't worry, the poisonous parts are taken out in Japan so there's no tingling sensation whatsoever.

For the full experience, splurge on the Zeitaku ($168 for one pax, but can be shared amongst two). The nine-course meal allows you to try puffer fish cooked in a variety of ways — from raw to being in a hotpot and grilled.

But if you've only got budget for one dish to try, let it be the thick sliced puffer fish sashimi. It's unlike anything I've tried before — it's got a firm bite, but not as chewy as octopus and it isn't as fishy as some of the other raw sashimi slices. #Burpproved


For those who want to eat healthy yet don't want to sacrifice flavour, these grain bowls are for you. Set on a bed of quinoa, bulgar wheat and pearl barley mix, the well-seasoned and extremely flavourful proteins (i love the pulled pork the best) are served alongside yummy side ingredients like furikake baby corn (LOVE!), red cabbage and apple slaw, roasted zucchini, roasted butternut squash, sauteed cherry tomatoes and mixed mushrooms. Yummo.

The flavours all go really well and together, they make a really hearty meal. Just enough to satisfy my tummy without giving me a food coma in office afterwards. #Burpproved

Finally, somewhere that gets their guac right.

I love how unbelievably creamy and smooth the guac is, plus it's flavourful on its own and portions are generous.

Wouldn't have gotten the Wholesome ($17.90 if I were to have one bowl to myself because my oh my, the portion of red rice and lettuce was already filling on its own. Thankfully I shared the bowl with my colleagues.

The Wholesome comes with three proteins, TWO SCOOPS of guacamole (wah this made me REALLY happy) chia seeds and chips (should have asked this to be packed separately, mine was soggy) on top of a base, five fixed toppings and a dressing. I really liked how flavourful the pulled pork was, very enjoyable and goes well with all the other ingredients in the bowl.

I went for all the meats (chicken and beef) but immediately regretted when I saw the lady scooping the Tangy Tofu for the customer after me, glossy sauce-soaked cubes of tofu braised in a presumably flavourful dark brown soy sauce(?). Only way to find out if it's good? Gotta come back to try it for myself! #Burpproved


My first ever WHEAT bowl! I've heard my friends rave about their salads but haven't had the opportunity to try until now.

Decided to opt for the pre-selected Sashimi Rice Bowl that comes with Furikake Pearl Rice (so yummy!), baby spinach, cucumbers, avocado, salmon roe, black caviar, onsen egg and calamansi for that extra tang in your salad. Added baby young corn ($1.50) just because.

The salad comes with a pre-fixed wafu dressing (there are only two dressings available, the other is aojiso, a soy sauce based dressing) that goes really well with all the other ingredients in the bowl.

Now I know where to head to when I'm looking for a reliable salad option in the CBD area!

P.S. Forgive the low quality of the picture, i was a little too eager to dig in to my salad hehehe


You can't go wrong with portobello mushrooms in your salads. Love how generous they are with the ingredients and the super tasty honey lemon dijon dressing too!

Sprout Salad Bar is great for those looking for a conducive space to work outside of office — they've got great coffee to get you through the day and many available power points too!


This is one place you should gather your friends for — every stomach counts!

Nine tiers stocked full of fresh seafood (fished right out of live tanks) is stacked on top of a broth of your choice (go for the seafood or army stew!)! The tower is kept warm and steaming throughout the meal on an induction plate, which allows the natural essences of the seafood to seep downward into the broth. Shiok.

Of all the seafood ingredients, I love the sweet clams and the super fresh whole fish 👍🏻 #Burpproved

This was a hosted tasting.


The 12th concept under the Ramen Keisuke umbrella focuses on hamburg steaks sets that are incredibly value-for-money! There are only two sets available on the menu: the Keisuke Prime Beef Hamburg Set ($18.80) or the Triple Cheese Prime Beef Hamburg Set ($20.80).

The latter features a 180g minced beef patty that is stuffed with mozzarella, cheddar and parmesan. The result? Juicy US Prime beef patty with an incredibly oozy and melty core. SHIOK.

The set comes with beancurd, tofu, a fried ebi and a choice of sauce on the side. I really liked my beef patty on its own, but if i had to choose, it would be the Keisuke Original Sweet and Spicy sauce. It's the best of both worlds — sweet like teriyaki but with a hint of citrusy flavour, very ponzu-like.

Be sure to save space to try the impressive spread of Japanese side dishes. 20 free flow dishes that you can load your tummy with while you wait for your food. I hear the dishes rotate daily, but look out for my favourite Sapporo ramen salad, potato salad as well as the egg station. You can have unlimited servings of eggs prepared in your favourite style (scrambled, sunny side up, omelette or tamagoyaki). #Burpproved #ValueForMoney

This was a hosted tasting.


Saw that they opened the other day so my colleagues and I made a trip there (at this rate, we might just be walking encyclopedias on poke bowls in sg) 😂

Same drill like the other poke stalls — pick the size of your bowl (bigger bowls means more scoops of fish, number of toppings remain the same) before placing your order at the cashier.

My order was prepped in less than five minutes — talk about efficiency! 👍🏻 Of all the bases we tried, I loved the Soba, together with the spicy salmon and original tuna — just because I can't handle so much heat in my bowl. The spicy here is NO JOKE ok. Toppings wise — pineapples, cherry tomatoes and flying fish roe is the way to go. #Burpproved


Not the most presentable chicken leg but omg so well-prepared — tender and juicy on the inside, with a nicely crisp chicken skin on the outside 😍 Can't compare the Japanese curry used here to Coco Ichibanya (still the best 👍🏻) but this is better than most places — luscious and soaks right into the fluffy Japanese rice. For $7.90 NETT with no service charge or GST, this is surely value-for-money in the CBD. #Burpproved


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