Food was fresh and decent overall though not as fantastic as what some have described. Maybe I’m have a more demanding taste bud 😆

Nice brunch for gathering friends or family today over a lazy Sunday.


The pork knuckle was such a great pairing with ice cold beer. Crisp crackling on the top with tender moist knuckle flesh that tears apart easily.

The salted yolk popcorn chicken and the spam fries also make a good beer snack.

Great place for groups, for after dinner drinks.


This is such a find! Awesome food at value price points. Definitely recommend to come with family or friends so that you can go on an ordering spree!

What we ordered:
Penang Rojak (awesome!)
Lady finger with Ikan bilis (awesome!)
Cuttlefish Kang Kong
Steamed Yam with Braised Pork
Nonya Curry Chicken (awesome!)
Penang Lor Bak
Prawn Omelette
Penang Fried Kway Teow with extra vegetables (awesome to the max!)
Penang Chendol (awesome!)
5 drinks 🍹

PS: some pictures are not captured because we were digging in before I could whip out the camera.

Total bill:
$94 for all these (😱😱😱)

Definitely making a 2nd visit soon! Need to try the Assam Curry Fish Head!

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It was a delightful messy affair. The crab 🦀 bundle was fresh and sweet. And their home made brioche was buttery and fluffy. Dipped into the sauce as a sponge, they soak up all the wonderful goodness.

Be ready to get your hands into a mess.

We ordered:
0.6kg of crab 🦀 - garlic butter
0.6kg of crab 🦀 - signature sauce
1 calamari basket
1 crab linguine in tomato 🍅 cream
2 portions of garlic noodle
7 brioche rolls
6 🍹

Total bill: $303

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What's in it:
Burrata salad with basil olive dressing (superb, my all time favorite dish)
Satay chicken (moist and spicy)
Ribs (smoky and tender it fell of the bone)
Pomfret (surprisingly good)
Beef chuck (pink and flavorful)
Jacket potato

🐷 out Platter serves 2 couples just fine. $198

It's our 3rd visit here and so far we enjoyed every visit!

Make sure you have room for dessert cos they are really great palate cleansers! Each at ~$16-18.


Made an impromptu visit for some casual, homey Italian grub. Food was served very quickly and generally pretty good!

We ordered:
- Porchetta (love it, crackling was crispy and the pork was tender with just enough fat)
- Fresh burrata with parma ham, tomatoes and arugula (love it, the burrata was so creamy)
- Stuffed Roman Schiaccata (love the truffle creamy goodness)
- Assorted pizza (ok but I would pass this next time)
- Mixed Ragout (beef and lamb) with homemade gnocchi (very saucy, loads of chunky tender meat, love it)
- Pistachio tiramisu (love this!)

Will I return?

The price point is definitely friendly on the wallet. Great place to take the family or gather with a group of friends so that you can order more dishes to share.

Total bill of the above including 2 coffees:
$150 (we ordered small servings)

Looking for traditional hokkien dishes? Beng Thin Hoon Kee is as old school as it gets.

Must orders:
- Kong Ba Bao (don't miss this!)
- Hokkien Mee (love the crispy pork lard!)
- Roast Chicken (crispy and yummy! Missing in picture as we devoured it as soon as served)
- Sharksfin Omelette (good!)
- Orh Nee (not in picture as we they have portioned into individual bowls)

Also ordered:
- Ngoh Hiang and Hei Zo (not fantastic)
- Asparagus with prawns (decent fiber, no wow)

Total tab: $170
Feeds 5 hungry ladies. Super value for money!


This has become our canteen as our folks love the sweet herbal broth from a traditional charcoal steamboat!

Must orders include:
- Pigs trotter (stewed in gravy so gelatinous and tender)
- Hei Zo (love all the water chestnut bits that made it so crunchy)

For trusty fish steamboat always. Call to make reservations especially on weekends.


First, the service by the staff is nothing short of excellent. They were quick to refill the broth, check if the food was ok and if you needed anything.

We ordered the 2 pax set at $70 and added dishes from the ala carte menu, not forgetting to order the crispy taro balls ahead.

I must commend on the mushroom broth, which was so intense, earthy and sweet as ingredients are added along the way.

Ingredients were fresh and the selection that came in the set was quite a variety.

Don't forget to add luncheon meat, fried beancurd roll and the dumplings!

Total bill: $150

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The spread on a Saturday night was good. Started with broiled lobsters which were fresh and succulent.

Mom's on a spree! The variety caters to the different age groups!

Cooked nicely pink. Nicely seasoned, accompanied with a really good baked potato!



Such a burst of difference flavors with those juicy sticks of chicken meat!

Pay for my own meals.

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