Mad About Eggs

Mad About Eggs

Soft boiled, hard boiled, onsen, steamed, deep fried, scrambled, sunny side up.. Whatever cooking method you can imagine, I love them all!
Slow Chomp
Slow Chomp

Smells so good!! ❀️❀️❀️

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I was drawn to the scrambled eggs but the super crispy and well marinated chicken cutlet stole the limelight!
Will definitely be back to try the rest of the meat combination with the scramble eggs!

The word "oyster paste" put me off ordering this Chawanmushi at first but decided to give it a try since I am already here and it did not disappoint! Definitely recommended to try. Very very smooth Chawanmushi and smooth and tasty oyster paste!
$5.90++ ala carte

Tampopo never fails to deliver a perfect molten egg yolk...

Truffle oil chawanmushi that has become my new fav! Yum Yum yum!


Love jiggly eggs? Love beancurd skin? This egg tempura is for you! Simple yet delicious! If you like more tendon sauce, u can drizzle as much as you want on the rice..without it, there is something special in the rice too! Yumz!
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Love the chawamushi at ichiban! Silky steamed egg with very fresh ingredients. My must order when I am here!

Love the egg here! Must order! Pardon me for the less than perfect pic to show its gooey center