Granted, they do their pizzas very well, but there are more than just pizzas to be had at Peperoni. From the wood-fired oven also comes a series of sharing dishes such as this one: fresh tiger prawns in an aromatic pool made up of garlic herb butter and pepperoni.

You’ll want to mop that up with the accompanying crusty sourdough, or not, to reserve stomach space for the other tasty stuff on the menu.


A dish that had us at 'wow' from the very first bite. The smoked-kissed chargrilled squid rings were firm, yet tender, and pregnant with fillings so yummy I just had to find out.

Here's when the oft-quoted cliche 'Ignorance is bliss' became relevant—when the answer that came back was, "Prawns and squid head." I managed an "Oh", and proceeded to devour the plates head-on. Whether you're intrepid or inquisitive, this is something you wouldn't wanna miss at Lolla's Sunday Brunch.


Pan-fried salmon served with sweet peas and crunchy Brussels sprouts, topped with Jamon ham. Good balance of flavours. Rubbed with just sea salt to highlight the natural flavours of salmon, the slabs of fish were masterfully seared, boasting a crisp exterior and tender insides. The Brussels sprouts deserve a special mention too—there wasn't a hint of bitterness at all; even my friend who usually doesn't take them, gave his stamp of approval.


Twice for emphasis.

The sweet, clean-tasting fish, which is really a WWF-friendly term for Chilean seabass, is one of my top hits on the fish charts. Here it's seared to perfection, like sliced butter, but guilt-free. Brilliantly paired with peppery harissa foam, sweet butternut squash emulsion, ikura roe, and charred cauliflower. Best dish here imo. #burpple #cornerhouse


Octopus, when done well, can be absolutely charming. Like this one, where the tentacle is grilled to juicy tenderness and imbued with a trace of smokiness. A great starter to get the palate excited for the good stuff ahead.


Can't go wrong with a platter of fresh fish (I love the creamy swordfish!), and price is pretty reasonable for 16pcs, great for sharing among 2-3pax.


We're off to a good start with this pretty ensemble of trombetta zucchini, mentaiko, pickled fennel, yuzu, tobiko, and the creamiest raw scallops, lightly cured to highlight its marine sweetness. Giving the whole idea of 'garden dining' extra meaning 😌


Here is Chef's take on the quintessential English comfort food, paying homage to its core elements and quality of seafood. Unlike the familiar battered fish, UsQuBa's rendition employs the sous vide technique to render the Scottish cod juicy and succulent. I found its delicate flavours to be rather pleasing and went well with the aromatic lemon beurre blanc and mushy peas & mint purée, although some Tastemakers preferred a little more seasoning to the fish itself. Try it for yourself, and add a little sea salt if necessary :)


Gotta love these silky pockets pregnant with chunks of Scottish lobster, whose natural sweetness is elevated by the velvety rich lobster bisque, with a touch of porcini sauce and port wine reduction for added body. 👌

#Burpple #UsQuBa #BestofScotland


Then hints of lemongrass started to come through, accentuating the natural sweetness of the fresh crab meat and giving it a Thai spin. What a pleasant surprise. Great on its own and to spice things up a little, smear on some red pepper remoulade that's served on the side.


Faced with a barrage of chirashi offerings, what's next for us jaded (blessed) foodies? Enter the poke (say po-kay) -- a same-same-but-different concept fast becoming the latest foodie fad in Singapore. Essentially a Hawaiian variant of marinated fresh fish salad, the pokes offered here include tuna and salmon (in original, spicy, and wasabi mayo flavours), plus a vegetarian option (tofu with nutty sesame). From three sizes priced $11.90 upwards, customise your very own poke bowl with choice ingredients ranging from tobiko and edamame to skin-loving ones like avocado, pomegranate and chia seeds.

Generously heaped with firm, smooth cubes of sashimi, this colourful medley was a delightful riot of sweet, savoury, and fruity flavours; just what's needed to perk up a humdrum workday.


My favourite's the compact Kumamoto for its explosion of deliciously briny flavours.

Happy hour prices at $2 each from 5-7pm Mon-Sat. Definitely heading back for more. Congrats @indra_kantono on the opening of #HumpbackSG! 🎉🎉🎉


He satisfies my mouth with good things ❤️

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