Thai Tanic

Thai Tanic

Featuring Nara Thai Cuisine (ION Orchard), The Talad Drink & Thai Kitchen, Nung Len, Ladyboy - Mookata/Steamboat Cheese
Jermaine Lim
Jermaine Lim

Nara oh Nara... I used to tell everyone around me how great the food was especially the Tom Yum soup. Not cheap for a 2 person portion but great ambience & quality ingredients so why not right?

I’m not sure if it was a kitchen malfunction just that very day but the soup wasn’t piping hot like usual & tasted quite off when I visited. It used to be thick, creamy with strong flavours from the prawn stock. But it didn’t quite pack a punch like how it usually would.

The other dishes weren’t hot as well when served & the portion of the basil chicken was kinda pathetic for the price paid.

Should I give it another chance? Maybe...... :/

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Before the fancy schmancy colourful drinks were made popular, this store used to be called Chao Phraya. We used to order deliveries every other weekend because of how affordable & yummy the food is!!! I really prefer this over Nakhon Kitchen because of its convenience and no long queues!

Really humble store and nothing can be more comforting than seeing Thai chefs and service staff for it just means....authentic Thai food 😍

My fav fav fav fav & usual orders:

(1) Tom Yum Soup (yassssssss love love love)
(2) Phad Thai
(3) Garlic Pork
(4) Pork Collar
(5) Basil Leaf Chicken with Rice


An EXTREMELY sinful indulgence with free flow lamb racks, crayfishes, prawns, pork belly, bacons etc etc!
Not to mention the drinks which also include Thai iced tea, coke and others as well!
Extremely helpful staff and there is also basket to put your bags and a transparent plastic to mask over it to prevent the smell of the BBQ also!
Really loved how big the portion is, extremely the lamb racks! It's sooooo good! Definitely worth a try over if your a cheese lover, oh ~ the sinfulness!
Finally a good meal after weeks of assignments and projects, exam up next!

This is a hipster Thai restaurant, some good dishes, if only it isn't this hot (no aircon). Will be back again.

I spend way too much money on food Follow my life in grids on Instagram @fudinmytum

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