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Leanna Lim
Leanna Lim

Tried the avo-ca-dukkah ($15) and the pulled pork Benedict ($15). Glad to say both were absolutely delicious with perfectly poached eggs that spewed over our toasted sourdoughs like a beautiful volcanic eruption. The pulled pork was definitely well marinated and accompanied by Apple slaw that cut through the sweetness. The avocado toasts were a little on the salty side tho. Still, perfect bench spot!

If you're looking for homely food made with passion, you might just find it here - from homemade pastas to sausages.

Thank you Terrence, TPGA and the rest of you who sacrificed your Monday morning to listen to me talk non stop. Its been a pleasure!

Actually really liked this! If you're a fan of chai and beetroot, this will be right up your alley 👍🏼 otherwise beetroot haters should steer clear because the earthy taste is quite strong.

These buns/croissants from @asanoyasg impressed with their ooze-factor though! That liquid gold goodness 😌 #burpple #lava #croissant #foodporn #foodspotting

Essentially cold white chicken (白斬雞) made lightly spicy, ever so slightly sweet and intriguingly addictive by the refreshing chilli vinaigrette…but outside the window, ginger patiently knocks. 4/5

This was a hosted meal, courtesy of Epicurious. This item is on their August “SG50”-themed special menu, which would run until the end of August.

Rainbow cheese toastie ($9) by Epicurious cafe which uses real food for the colouring !
Spinach green, beetroot pink, carrot orange, red cabbage violet and teal potato boiled with bunga telang! 100% natural in green and orange with pink, violet and teal needing a little help ! It was certainly more assuring to consume this rainbow toast with ease knowing that it's a healthier choice compared to the kala toast in hk! Though, it wasn't as stretchable because of the amount of cheese used and ppl who dislike truffle may find this not very satisfying

60 Robertson quay,
Singapore 238252
Opening hours :
Mon 0830 to 1700
Tues to Fri 1130 to 1430, 1800 to 2200
Sat to Sun 0830 to 2200

On weekends and public holidays, this contemporary restaurant in the heart of Orchard serves up a decadent dim sum brunch ($68). The menu offers unlimited servings of over 40 selections of dim sum along with wok and seafood dishes — knock yourself out with items ranging from the classic (think shrimp dumplings and char siew buns) to the creative, like escargot cheese puffs and black pepper cod fish dumplings. Be sure not to miss Mitzo's much loved special barbecue pork. It comes perfectly charred with a slightly crystallised exterior and tender meat that's just the right amount of lean and fat... yum! End your meal with a delightful Hokkaido milk cheese tart. Pro tip: If you intend to make an afternoon of this, top up $60 per person for free flow of cocktails, champagne, wines and beer.
Avg Price: $70 per person
Photo by Burpple Tastemaker Justin Teo

Man, if you're looking for a satisfying brunch, then THIS IS IT! 😂 I've been to Fat Lulu's for their desserts previously and I'm happy to say their food is equally as quirky and tasty as their desserts.

The Curry Tambi has a curried omelette (which actually packs a pretty spicy kick 🌶) topped off with mayo, coriander and sriracha in their own homemade ciabatta. Tasty on its own but slather it in the accompanying pineapple and cucumber raita which cut right through all the heat and this was easily my favorite dish for the day! 😍

Loving all the dishes!! This messy comforting lamb meatballs is 😍😍😍 More on stories!

with plenty of seats available, chill your afternoons away with their free wifi and free parking outside

[PROMO] spend $30 in a single receipt and pay via DBS credit/debit card to get a free blue velvet waffle!! available both on weekdays and weekends

😻 iced mocha because it's too hot outside, also drury lane is so quiet in the afternoon. There's a lot of people like me with laptops working at the second floor. 😼

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