Where To Eat In Town

Where To Eat In Town

Curating all my weekend food adventures here!
Hilary See
Hilary See

Can't go wrong with this combo for a hearty Singapore-style breakfast. I like Ya Kun the best because no matter which outlet you are at, coffee is consistently good and they make good toasted Kaya Toast 👍🏻#Burpproved


Basically my three fav ingredients combined — eggs, potato and ham.

Once done with photos, mix everything together before serving. I love the texture of small potato cubes slicked in egg, blanketed in thinly sliced iberico ham.

Typing about this makes me wanna go back to have this again 👅💦 #Burpproved

I haven't been very adventurous with Spanish food in Singapore BUTTTTT I think I found my new favourite paella.

Made with fideos noodles (similar to vermicelli), this squid ink version from Tapas Club is then topped with clams and small cubes of squid.

Give it a good mix (don't miss out on the charred bits on the sides) before serving. Doesn't look that appetizing nor flavourful but I was truly blown away by how tasty it was!

In short, great flavour, portion is just right for two to share and so affordable ($25)! IMMA BE BACK!! #Burpproved

P.S. I think their weekday lunch menu serves a one person portion for under $20 (something like $13-15?). 😱


Be prepared to succumb to this glorious plate of gravy-ladened dish! I always had my crabs fried with sauces, so having noodles included is a first for me.



Quite possibly the most ordered and prettiest dish in Curious Palette, which is why I was told it would only arrive at my table in 30 minutes. Most people shared this dish between two or three or even in a big group, but I attempted to finish this all on my own (i know, stupid move but i really really REALLY wanted to try) and for the first half, it went pretty well. I didn't need the maple syrup on the side, simply because the pancake was already lightly sweetened and the vanilla bean ice cream was sweet enough for me.

Buuuut, the carbs took over and it proved simply too much for one to stomach everything, pancake and all. I would say it's best for a group of four to share it — a quarter of the thick, dense pancake, with a spoonful of the vanilla ice cream, fresh berries and sunflower seeds is just enough to satiate your sweet tooth. Still #Burpproved (if i were to share it).

P.S. I finished almost three quarters so yay #achievementunlocked #pancakemonster


One of the more unexpected dishes from the media tasting I had at Akira Back. Love how fresh the scallops are and the KIWI SLICES between each scallop adds just the right amount of zing to the dish! Who knew kiwi would work so well with scallops. It's a little pricey for a starter ($28) but definitely worth a try!!


Spotted this on Instagram and for once, I'm not fooled by its appearance — flavours were spot on!! It's originally a vegetarian dish (there are quite a few on the menu), but you have the option to add on a protein. Following the staff's recommendation, I opted for the cured Salmon ($4) — so tasty! Love the kimchi pineapples, a little spicy but nothing too crazy that I can't handle.

Only gripe, I think...the kitchen forgot about my salsa verde. I only realized after I saw the other photos on Burpple. Wehhhh :(((


Something sweet to end the carb-heavy meal. Not too crazy over this but everyone else seems to love this ALOT (I think I saw them bringing out new cakes at least four times) 😳


Thin crust, wood fired pizza with cheese on the top. EXCELLENT. I had many slices of this. Can't imagine how epic this would be if they were more generous with the ingredients — but not complaining! #Burpproved


What a hidden gem! Never would have expected to have such simple yet flavourful pasta in the heart of town. One bite and I was sold! Love the tomato based ones more than the rest, but that's just my preference:) This was a part of their lunch buffet ($35++) where you get free flow pastas, pizzas, breads, salads, cooked food and desserts. Definitely coming back to try their ala carte menu! #Burpproved


Green noodles scare me. But I'm glad I didn't turn away this bowl because it was so FREAKING good!! Al dente thin noodles tossed in a sweet spicy sauce that I couldn't stop slurping up! Pork slices were excellent — tender and well-marinated. Mix in your wobbly egg for an eggy coating on your noodles 👍🏻

Be sure to ask for the sweet tangy sauce to dip your pork into, so good I wished they sold it in a jar! #Burpproved


New tendon spot everybody!!!! Love the mixed tendon — it's got long beans, TWO ebi prawns, mushroom, dory fish, brinjal, sweet potato and other vegetables that I cannot identify hahahha great price point too and every bowl comes with complimentary chawanmushi and miso soup. Ask for more sauce if you like your tendon saucier!

Water not provided though:( boo.


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