Friday Night Do It Right

Friday Night Do It Right

Friday nights are precious, and usually involve catching up with friends, winding down with a good dinner / drink / dessert. In this special guide, we've paired places to ensure you get a two-part night — think curry rice and ice cold beers at Jalan Besar, or sinful sandwiches and chrysanthemum "tea" in Telok Ayer, and sooo much more! There you go, your next 10 Friday plans are all set ;)
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While its known as a good lunch spot, it is the pure decadence of the dinner menu that makes it perfect for a "Treat Yourself" night. Gather three friends, and expect to get your hands greasy. Be wise and order four things to share. The two must-trys are the heart-stoppingly delicious Patty Melt on Rye ($16), and the delightful Cured Meat Sandwich ($16) — cool, creamy mozzarella atop a stack of assorted cured meats between brioche buns. Dunk the sinfully oozy Grilled Cheese ($14) into the roasted tomato dip and into your mouth — cue inappropriate noises. Finish off with the PB&J ($8) that is crusted in cornflakes then fried. Wash this all down with an ice-cold pint — you'll need it.

After an indulgent dinner at Park Bench Deli, another beer might not be the answer for you and your friends, but the Ju Hua cocktail ($14) at Wanton certainly is. Open till 1am on Fridays, this might sound like an unlikely spot to get your drink on (since it really is a noodle bar), but seriously, you need to get your bum here. Spiked with vodka and served in a metal pot, this ice-cold chrysanthemum tea strikes the perfect balance between sweetness and an alcoholic punch. The best part is drinking from these little tea cups, of which five are filled to the brim with one pot. Order one pot at a time, this way you'll have ice cold drinks throughout the night! Have some fun sipping on these cool babies as you digest, and thank the stars it's Friday.


This Claypot Mee Tai Mak may not be pretty, but it's darn tasty, and at only $8 for extreme comfort, it's everything you need after a long week. The plump little noodles lie in a sea of thick, bubbling, flavourful broth topped with a freshly-cracked egg. It is made complete with lovely bits of chopped vegetables, minced meat, and prawns. Be sure to ask for chilli padi to mix in! If you're coming in a large group, get a big portion to share, along with other dishes like Coffee/Salted Egg Pork Ribs and Boss Bee Hoon. As its name suggests, this place also does a mean, traditional Fish Head Steamboat — the perfect dish to share with family on a cool night. Pro tip: simply reserve a table and pre-order dishes so you don't have to wait!

This one's just perfect for a girl's night out. While ever-so-slightly pricey at about $35-40 per head, it is worth the occasional treat. The Japanese-inspired flavour combinations are both fun and elegant, perfect for sharing. In a small group, go for the Baby Eggplant ($12)—an absolute flavour bomb—the Wasabi Tuna Tartare ($23), Broccolini with Stracciatella ($21, please don't miss this) and the Squid Ink Fettucine ($19). Its not just the food that draws the crowd, the space exudes a calming vibe with a raw concrete bar, green plants, and dim lights, making it an intimate place you just want to spend time in. Of course, boys, you're welcome too.

No, you shouldn't need much convincing to come here. Just cross the road after your lovely meal at Kilo at Pact at Orchard Central, and park yourself at this bar along Emerald Hill. You can have as riotous or as tame a night as you please here, just know that from 9pm to 1am, the Marvellous Martinis are 1-for-1. Think Choya, Lychee, or Wintermelon Martinis at just $19 for two. Yes. Do it. At least twice. And then order their famed Har Cheong Gai at 1am to tame peckish pangs that the free flow of peanuts can’t sate. ;) You're most welcome!


Sweat out your killer week over an exciting, fragrant, spicy Sichuan meal of signature Chong Qing Grilled Fish with your friends or colleagues. Ordering the fish is a three-step process. First, choose your fish ($30), preferably the sea bass. Next, most crucially, is the flavour base — recommended are Spicy Numbing for the daredevils, Spicy Fragrant for spice-lovers, or Pickled Cabbage for chilli-wimps (i.e. a non-spicy option). Then, choose additional toppings such as enoki mushrooms and fried beancurd skin. Don't miss out on their tasty side dishes such as Pig’s Ears ($6.80) and Crispy Imperial Duck ($15)! Wash all this goodness down with a cooling homemade sour plum drink, and you'll be all set for dessert at the next spot.

After your mouth-numbing, fiery dinner at Chong Qing, skip over to Ah Chew Desserts just a few doors down on Liang Seah for a respite. Douse the flames with a classic Mango Sago with Pomelo ($4.20), Grass Jelly with Logan ($3) or Honeydew Watermelon Sago ($3.30). If you're up for something different, give the Water Chestnut with Egg and Chinese Herbal Jelly ($4) a go. For a warm, comforting bowl, the Fresh Milk Steamed Egg or a foolproof Black Sesame Paste (from $2.40) will do the trick. Open till 12:30am on Fridays, you can gather around for a good chat in this cosy spot. There's something calming about this tiny space, perhaps its the Chinese paintings hanging on the walls, or the dark wood furniture — it sends you to another place and time.

Put any diet/eat-clean plans on pause, and triumphantly declare Friday as cheat day — just so you can celebrate with a plate of scissors cut curry rice. Come here with a carefree spirit, and choose your ingredients with reckless abandon. Pile your plate high with classics — from pork chops to braised cabbage, ngoh hiang to tau pok. This meal is cheap, darn good, and super satisfying. Set along the character-filled Jalan Besar, grab a roadside seat for the full experience. Don't hang around for too long though, there's probably a queue of people waiting for your seat. Go on, it's time for a beer.

Boasting 23 craft brews on tap (!) that change every two weeks or so, this bar serves fantastic beers from all over the world like Mikkeller and To Øl. Taking over the old Chinese Druggists Association, this space is outfitted with simple marble tables and wood chairs, lending an elegant old-world charm that puts you at ease. Sit at the high tables outside should you want an even more casual vibe. The staff are both knowledgeable and friendly, answering your every query about each alien-sounding beer, and allowing you a taste before you order. From light, fruity ales to knockout dark porters, there's something here for everyone. These beers are so tasty, and pack a good punch (especially those over 7%!), making it really value for money. Give their unique bites like Lotus Root Chips a go.
Pro tip: order half pints ($7-11), they stay cold longer and allow you to try twice as many brews ;)


No need to crack your tired brains deciding where you and your friends should eat, just meet up at Novena MRT, and walk over to United Square for a plate of good ol' chicken rice in air-conditioned comfort. Perfect for groups up to eight pax, this is a classic spot for a casual dinner. Don't expect a smiling waitress or friendly banter, chicken rice slammed on your table within minutes is all you're gonna get! The kampung chickens used are full of flavour, and boast a lovely bite in the breast meat. Both their white and roasted chickens are equally good, though they run out of the latter quicker. Don't forget to share a Fried Beancurd Fritter with that addictive salad cream. Wolf this plate down as messily as you like, and chat and laugh as loudly as you want — no one will care.

Sated with chicken rice and ready for a good night, Nickeldime is the perfect chill-out spot you're looking for, just a short walk across from Novena Square. It beckons you silently with its optimistic neon sign out front promising "BEER", and delivers with 15 international craft beers on tap, and many more bottled ones to choose from. The beer menu is ever-changing, but you can always rely on a good range of ciders, ales and lagers. Best part is, if you're hankering for a dessert after all that chicken, you can kill two birds with one stone here with their Beer Waffle — a light dessert with nuts, berries, and nougatine. The place instantly puts you at ease with its brick walls, an adorable mural of a beer-guzzling octopus, and super friendly staff who are more than happy to help you find a beer you'll love.

Enter this wacky Palace of Thai Chicken, opened by the good people behind the darn tasty Artichoke, and expect a night of ridiculous, kitschy fun. The space is unapologetically crazy (in the best way possible), with silly signages, graffiti, mismatched everything, and all-around eccentric street vibes. Go straight for the Happiness Meal ($95) for two (its actually enough for three) — Mama Coleslow, Som Tum, Nugget Talay, Umami Corn, Fried Chicken, BBQ Chicken, Sticky Rice, and a dessert assortment. Look out especially for the corn, it is barbecued, slathered with sriracha mayo, then rolled in shrimp floss. Wut. Be sure to treat your BBQ Chicken with some extra love by smearing on a little more chili tamarind sauce. Save some space for the three desserts that come with this meal, especially those golden, icing sugar-dusted Thai Donuts, which will get you dunking non-stop into that kaya (!) dipping sauce. As promised, you will be satisfried long time.


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