To Live For ||                                                                        Caffeine-Fixed ☕️

To Live For || Caffeine-Fixed ☕️

Coffee is a universal language in itself, it takes no effort to speak but to show the beauty of this creation. - WahSGx
WahSoGood  x
WahSoGood x

Roast, is one of the brunch hotspot among tourist in Bangkok. It's rather affordable comparing the prices back in my town, Singapore. I hardly see any locals dining there but never was I wrong that their coffee indeed is the best in town. Oh they do serve cold brew too, do check it out on that.

For something that worth your moolaa, here's one of the option you can consider.

Brunch [✔️]
Coffee [✔️]


Latte wasn't too bad but it turns out to be over-burned during the rush hour on the weekend. Likewise, there's always rooms for improvement.

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If you're in for something cold, Cold Brew is definitely a perfect choice for such 🔅 weather. At the same time, you get your caffeine fixed!


For a kind pleasure of your own, One Man Coffee may not serve the best coffee in town. But when their neighbors are all crowded on the weekend, you may consider this as your second choice 😉


A cafe spot on at Tai O, Hong Kong. Nothing can describe the joy inside of me when I smell the aroma of the coffee beans from far and I thought I was dreaming at that moment. But this is definitely worth visiting when you're in Tai O with the chilly backyard to have your cuppa of coffee. If you're seeking for more details, I guess you can try hunting them on the net for the name and exact location! 😅


For good coffee, Holly Brown is definitely one of the wisest choice to have. For your convenience to grab a cuppa to go, they have a few outlets located at the Central side which you can goggle it. But for the ambience of the cafe, I would strongly urge you to visit the one at Stanley Street!


If you prefer something cold, be sure to try the Symmetry's cold brew.

At a healthier side, it offers something more refreshing with a slice of orange and pretty much a less sugar content black coffee.

It feels like home whenever i take a visit to Strangers' Reunion. It's one of the cafes that I still patronized for good coffee. Everything changes but theirs don't. So if you're in need of coffee, you can consider visiting them!

Coffee isn't all about sipping or tasting it. It's all about you meeting the right people. If you're here @ Symmetry for coffee. Please do not hesitate to look for Chris the main barista to pour your coffee. He does serve one good cup of coffee!

Life is a blessing to have good food around the world! 💥 @wahsogood

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