All About Em' Fries

All About Em' Fries

As a potato junky, I can never say no to french fries! But these days, all sorts of varieties are popping up one by one! So here's my humble opinions on my love for all sorts of fries!
Amanda Liu
Amanda Liu

If you're a lover of fries, this one's for you! The Social Outcast serves up a mean portion of tempura fries which I have loved & raves about ever since they started at Simpang Bedok's Bedok Marketplace.

The crispy light batter, soft fluffy potatoes on the inside-the perfect balance & combination of fries.

While it's unusual to have a tempura exterior, it does add a light & airy crunch to it, & being lightly seasoned, it is flavourful enough on its own!

Easily a bowl of fries that I can whack & finish on my own, so no sharing please (kidding, ask nicely & I will).

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Finally visited Habitat Coffee's latest location after it moved out of the neighbourhood along Upper Thomson Road.

The new interior at Lavender with its curved rims & high ceiling brought about a different look to the venue.

On the menu, they had expanded it quite a fair bit, catering to the all-day dining folks & those popping by just got tea & snacks.

We decided to order their Poutine Fries as I was feeling a lil' peckish & it's something that most places would not offer. The generous portion of brown sauce is ladled over crispy shoestring fries and topped with grated parmesan. While it was slightly salty (really slight), having a couple of plain fries without the gravy does help to balance out the saltiness a little.

On the side, wash it down with your coffee of choice, or with the variety of sweets!

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If you enjoy fried korean chicken, you'd enjoy Shake Shake in a Tub! Ordered them for dinner with the fam & got their Stay Home Bundle ($29.90) with an additional 4 pc ala carte ($6.10)!⁠

Their Stay Home Bundle consists of 12pc chicken, popcorn chicken & 2 sides of fries! We got the 12pc chicken in half spicy & half soy which was similar to the garlic soy sauce that you'd get at most fried Korean chicken stores. It was so so good! For the spicy flavour, the kick doesn't hit you till you're chewing halfway in & it hits you at the back of your throat, but it doesn't stop you for going for seconds.⁠

For the popcorn chicken, we chose the BBQ seasoning, which adds a touch of smokiness to the crunchy chicken bits. The fries were seasoned with Sour Cream & Onion as well as Curry. The former added just the right about of saltiness & reminded me of potato chips while the latter had a nice kinda spicy touch to it!⁠

We got the set off Grabfood & also snagged their self-collect pick up promo of 15% off! 😉 good deals gotta be shared!⁠

Crispy hot Nashville chicken bites + tater tots are the perfect snack combo to have!

If you've been to Chix, you'd know they're famous for their Nashville fried chicken, which comes with a variety of spice levels!

Similarly, their dirty taters allows you to choose your heat intensity, which allows you to decide how crazy you'd want to go.

For those who can't take spice, just go for mild, as the nacho cheese that tops the tater tots helps kill the spice a lil. If you're a spice lover, head for the hot or insane to dance with your tastebuds!

To help cool off, have a go at their Malt Milkshake or ChocoShake, you'd thank me for that.

Not listed on the menu, but always available is the half portion of Truffle Fries ($8)! They're just a smaller option & doable portion if you're having mains & desserts after!

There's no doubt that PS cafe has one of the best and most generous portion of truffle fries around; and that can be ascertained based on having at least 1 plate of fries at every dining table.

Finally got the chance to visit Eleven Strands, the sibling cafe of popular joint, South Union Park!

Just a stone throw away from Serangoon Stadium, Eleven Strands serves up French fusion items which sounds fancy but hits all the right spots!

One of them would be the Truffle Kombu Fries! Upon serving, you wouldn’t expect the whiffs of truffle oil like most truffle fries have, but the subtle flavours of truffle can be tasted on each fry! Every piece also comes generously coated with kombu, which is a sort of kelp (aka seaweed). It also comes with a side of truffle kombu sauce which packs a whole punch of truffle, without being too much of an overkill.


Part of the food line up by Savour at Christmas Wonderland, located at Gardens by the Bay is Potato Head Folk!

You’d know of them for their amazingly juicy and succulent burgers, but have you checked out their sides?

One of my all time favourites from them are their Naughty Fries! This time, they add a sprinkle of Christmas vibes to give you Ayam Naughty (pun intended).

They have added cripsy bites of popcorn chicken to their usual Naughty Fries, giving you that extra protein with every slice of hand cut fries. What goes on top would be mayo, sriracha, spring onions and fried shallots.

That’s one hearty side dish, or just a meal by itself.

Do check them out when you visit Christmas Wonderland! They open daily from 4pm - 10.30pm till the 26th of Dec!


I must say the combination of these two is a smart move!
Imagine a thick gravy-like consistency for the salted egg sauce with a spicy kick from the chilli padi & crispy bits of cereal to add some texture & crunch to the sauce.
They have officially upped the game for salted egg fries!

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If you've tried the Honey Butter Chips from Korea, you ought to try this! Sweet honey butter paired with savory bacon streaks is the perfect combination with a beer in hand!
Their beer selection comes from @thedrinkerysg, so get ready to get your hands on beers from Lost Coast 🙌🏼 Thank you @halfpoundsg for feeding us full & @rainraineeataway for asking me along ♡


Shiok, is what I'd say!
Shiok Fries ($14) is the brainchild of Deming of @thequarterssg! Possibly the 2 favorite dips of Singaporeans, the combination of them with my favorite carbohydrate makes it to my must-have fries list!
Have a go at the locally inspired dishes that they have available at their store & if you'd like, you can have a go at their bottled dips as well!


We love char siew. We love fries. This restaurant at Marina Square ingeniously combines them by garnishing nicely browned fries with a generous serving of saucy, housemade char siew ragout. Don't forget to mix in the spicy jalapeno salsa to spice up the Char Siew Chilli Fries ($7)! The convenient location, reasonable prices and tasty eats (read: 'Lup Cheong' Macaroni and Cheese) make this the perfect place for a casual business lunch meeting, or a family meal after a day of shopping. Hankering for something sweet to end the meal? Opt for the Banana Donuts 'Milo Dinosaur' ($7) — gooey orbs with a goreng pisang centre, dusted with Milo powder!
Photo by Burpple Tastemaker Geraldine Tay


You wouldn't think that fries, kimchi, nacho cheese & mayo would go that well together, but they sure did. The textures & flavors that this dish had made it easy for me to wolf it down, especially since I love potatoes & anything spicy 😊
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