Korean 대박

Korean 대박

Korean Daebak food! Always on the look out for authentic Jjajangmyeong!
Raine Liu
Raine Liu

These Korean Street food skewers are charred in front of your eyes and goes great with their newest Pineapple Soju ($22.90). If you come by during lunch it's cost $24.90 with stew (Jjigae), rice and drinks that is good for 2!
Haven't been posting much recently as I wasn't feeling my best, thank you for still sticking around ❤️


Treat yourself and your friends to some seafood-y goodness if you're gathering for the weekend!
@ktowersg you do not really have to get all 9 towers, for smaller groups, get the 3 tiers option ($58, that works out to be around $20 each!). This feeds 2-3 people and contains fresh prawns, scallops and a soup base collecting the sweet seafood juice at the ends! Order their steamboat add-ons for the bigger eaters in the group!
For groups of 10, definitely go for all 9 towers ($298, that's also around $30 each) and enjoy all the premium seafood! It includes crabs, lobsters and assortment of shellfish to cure any seafood cravings!
For picky eaters, there is also a "Build Your Own Tower" options for you! As it's all steamed, it's healthy but taste is not compromised! The fresh sweet seafood taste really comes through and you can enjoyed it with lots of their homemade sauces!
This was a hosted tasting courtesy of @ktowersg and @brandcellar.


A whole fried squid dunk in spicy toppoki seafood stew, along with kimchi fried rice, steam egg, kimchi and cheesy corn 🙀


Kinda pricy for 6 pieces of fried chicken but there wasn't much option for day 2 of CNY. But green onion sauce was really flavourful, I even eat it together with the green onions that came along with it.


Extremely flavourful especially my Favourite one - garlic.
Pictured here is the 8 Colour set ($98 - best shared with 4 people). Flavours ranged from wine, ginseng, red pepper, miso, curry and herb.
Taste great with some of their homemade kimchi (better after toasted on the grill pan and soaking up some of the porky juice 😋) and paired with their specialty Yucha Makgeolli that is so easy to drink.
Thank you for feeding us @eightkoreanbbq and @geekyelephant for extending the invite! A big thank you to @angwman for the Super warm hospitality, had an awesome time!



The newest addition to the line of fried chicken family - The Honey Butter Chicken (pictured - $28.90) is inspired by the current craze of honey butter chips! Just imagine @chirchirsg's famed succulent juicy fried chicken showered with plenty of honey butter love resulting in a plate of savoury sweet goodness! (However, I do feel it's on the sweeter side, so a fried chicken option for those with a sweet tooth!) I really love those honey butter topokki, slightly sweetened with super chewy texture! Best paired with one of their Chir Cream Beer ($13.90) or the Lady Killer ($16.90)! Cheers to the weekends guys!
Thank you @sixthsensepr and @rachelxie for the warm hosting and kind invite! & @chirchirsg for the awesome fried chicken as always! 😋


I wish 😿 It's been awfully hot here and unbelievable intolerable.
One of their more popular Mango Bingsu ($15.90) came with milky shaved ice, banana slices, mango syrup and mango cubes that had a weird texture :/


Finally cravings satisfied - didn't know that was such a restaurant so close to my house! Staple order of Jjajangmyeong ($16) & Champong ($17) and a side dish of Kimchi Pancake (M-$11). Skip the bland tasting Champong and Dive at the fantastic, seriously quite authentic Jjajangmyeong & solid Kimchi Pancake! Oh ya, did I mention Every table comes with TEN ban Chan (kimchi etc side dishes)
P.S. Dining experience includes super over-friendly lady boss 😹


Coughing away but craving these addictive Honey Butter Chicks ($18) - inspired by the recent popular honey butter chips, these Chicken tenders and Toppikki are coated with honey butter glaze. The best part was definitely the rice cake, steamed and deep fried with the honey butter sauce - giving it a nice golden coating that has light crispy bite while the inside remained chewy and moist! Those spicy lover should adore the gochujang flavoured Dak Kang Jung ($18). These babies are best paired with their homemade Makgeolli on this Friday night!

Treat yourself this Friday afternoon to comforting pot of suuuper cheesy Seafood Rapokki ($22) - Ramyeon + Toppikki, tossed generously with shrimps, clam, black mussels and squids! The whole pot is then covered completely with lots and lots of mozzarella cheese! Best to combat the slight heat from the Rappoki soup base! This is heaven for spicy seafood cheese lover! 😻

Caution: After effects of this dish includes slight food coma, proceed by sharing with colleagues 😹

Thank you @angwman & @cherryqqx for the warm hospitality and @joobarsg for stuffing us silly with many many many food! Thanks @juliuslim for extending the invitation! 🙆🏻


This will have to be de BEST chicken dish I had for 2015! The Garlic Roasted Chicken ($32.90) or the RoseMary Roasted Chicken ($29.90) was very well marinated with fall off bone tender chicken. Ah Ma Liu have nothing more to say then stuff her face with more and more of these babies!


Really big love for this - Essentially your usual garlic toast but upsized! With tons of nacho cheese on it! Felt like the perfect combination to have for the mid-week!


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