The newest addition to the line of fried chicken family - The Honey Butter Chicken (pictured - $28.90) is inspired by the current craze of honey butter chips! Just imagine @chirchirsg's famed succulent juicy fried chicken showered with plenty of honey butter love resulting in a plate of savoury sweet goodness! (However, I do feel it's on the sweeter side, so a fried chicken option for those with a sweet tooth!) I really love those honey butter topokki, slightly sweetened with super chewy texture! Best paired with one of their Chir Cream Beer ($13.90) or the Lady Killer ($16.90)! Cheers to the weekends guys!
Thank you @sixthsensepr and @rachelxie for the warm hosting and kind invite! & @chirchirsg for the awesome fried chicken as always! 😋