For $14.20, this spread of tasty kway chap is worth those extra calories. You just have to be patient with the queue. Clean intestines and tender pig’s tongue, is definitely a crowd favourite.

Closed on Monday and Thursday.

Sungei Road Laksa, is honestly subjective. While the laksa broth is tasty, it is a little watery and not as lemak as I like it to be. The fresh cockles are decently sized and plentiful. And overall, am I the first to say that I don’t fancy this bowl of laksa?!


Breakfast in a good old fashioned way. Super QQ, bouncy fishball to die for, and extremely dense but bouncy Teochew fishball makes anyone a happy person. Very generous with the mee tai mak, and even more generous with its chilli, spicy without the overdose, well balanced.


[Riverside Good Food]-Hokkien Mee
Lard after lard, and spoonful of sweet chilli, this plate is set to make you salivate. Colourfully dotted with the greens and yellow, and white, this Hokkien Mee is wet type, stir fried with good amount of wok hei, to bring everything together like a symphony playing Kitri act III, fiery, intense and flavourful.

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Morning breakfast, with my parents. Well clean out intestines, superbly braised pork belly, an with everything in between. The braised sauce is a lot lighter than most, which allow each individual item flavour to shine through. The Kway is only $0.30/bowl, soft and silky, definitely one of the cheaper ones. Worth the waiting queue.


Other than TOP 1 in beauty world centre, this place is another favourite of mine for handmade noodles, particularly Mee Hoon Kuay. Hand stretched and pulled into pieces, the noodles are very chewy and full of bite. Have it dry, and tossed in dark sauce and Chili, it is definitely yummy. Well balanced of the sweet and spicy, and savoury from the well fried ikan bilis, I can understand why office crowd love this.
Take note that if you like heat, it's better to go for TOP 1 Noodles.
The spam fries isn't my favourite, maybe because the luncheon meat used isn't the great. And that fried niangao wasn't that yummy too, maybe because the flour was too overwhelming and thick that it takes away the taste of the niangao. Proportion wasn't done right. So just stick to their mains.

曾好吃面家(威记)Noodle Delight (Chinatown famous Wanton Noodle). Est 1950 @ Block 262 Serangoon Central
Chewy and springy noodles, nicely charred char siew, and peppery wantons to boot. It's a pretty decent morning meal. Apparently it's from a franchise/2nd outlet opening from the "famous" Chinatown wanton noodles store. Not sure it's legit, but I'm not complaining.
They were having a promo of adding another dollar, for a bowl of dumpling soup. Sizable bowl (definitely bigger than those bowl as seen in picture), and filling, they certainly ain't stingy about the ingredients that they used.
Just bare in mind, that the store is operated by a group of young Hawkers, so speed and efficiency is a tad lacking, but big cheers for them being Hawkers!


I'm so happy that the stalls are returning back to this dingy, run-down but homely food centre on the top of Beauty World Centre.
Take this Hong Kong soya sauce chicken, solid, and very tender chicken, on a plate of chicken rice. The skin is so succulent and flavourful, with that I wished I had more. The sauce, thick and well-balanced goes well with their spicy Chili sauce that many seemed to take a lot.
I asked for one dumpling to be added to the soup, and I did not regret that $1.10/pc dumpling. Filled to the brim with crunchy prawn pieces (I counted to at least 4 big chunky pieces), black fungus and minced meat. Every bite send joy to the bones, and I can see why many add another bowl of dumpling soup when they order.

Still love the place, the laksa gravy is very lemak and shiok. The prawns are fresh and crunchy, and not over cooked. Add that Chili, to give that sweet and spicy taste. My go-to for my laksa fix when I am at work.
Now the only sad part, is probably the laziness of the staff. Honestly what's a bowl of Katong Laksa, if the noodles are not cut til bite-sized?! 😒


Seriously the spicy Chili Mee ever, but of course I had to chicken out. The huge pot of fiery Chili sauce, in which they are very generous in giving that you had to ask for less. (I tried a dab, and it went down the throat in flames). But it is not all the just fiery notes, it actually well-balanced with the red onions, and I suspect a good dose of haebi.

For $4, I have a heart serving of fish cakes, pork ribs and prawns. The soup is robust, but personally it can be better. You wouldn't feel thirsty even after drinking the whole bowl, so that's really a good sign. It's great, but lacking some punch. Maybe I really have to go head-on for the dry version.
PS; they will refill your bowl of soup, if you want more. How nice of them.


A bowl of very unpretentious goodness Lor Mee. Thick Lor Mee sauce, coats and cover a generous portion of pork belly slices and 3 balls of niong hiang, slices of fish cakes and a quarter of braised egg. Well-balanced in terms of flavour, of vinegar, garlicky and heat from the Chilli. Extremely old-school and endearing.
If it's good enough, for Caucasians to queue in this blistering heat, it's definitely worth the waiting.
So do be prepared to queue, although they are actually pretty speedy.


I am not sure if this is a hidden gem, but isn't so to the office crowd nearby!
If you crave for zichar dishes, for lunch, this is the place to be. Think SALTED EGG PORK, prawn paste chicken (highly raved and legit, and very crispy skin), and you know what I am talking about.
Every dish is very well seasoned, and saucy, great with plain white rice or brown rice (if you're into the health craze, or simply cause you like brown rice). And honestly for town area, the pricing for a Cai Peng, is reasonable. Portion is great, and clearly you can see many choose at least 4 sides and more, cause you just have to make the queuing worthwhile.


Dancer eats, Dancer dance.

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