I finally understood why 88 Hong Kong Roast Meat Specialist is a popular hunt for many when they are craving for char siew and roast pork, even if I wasn’t at the main outlet.

Known for their biscuity roast pork, the ultra crispy roast pork skin crackles differently from many others out there. However, what I personally didn’t really like though, was the chunk of fat in each piece that made it too oily and jelak. Perhaps the next time I should request for leaner meat. On the other hand, I found the char siew here pretty memorable and unique. The extreme caramelic skin was one to die for, as it also comes with a touch of smokiness. I really like how sweet caramelic it was, but the downside is that the skin could get stuck to your teeth easily. Again, the meat could come across slightly fatty.

Highly recommended to pair the meat with their thin egg noodles that doesn’t have any alkaline taste. Tossed in lard oil, the bowl of noodles came really aromatic, but also remember to ask for their chili because the flavorful though slight fiery chili was a perfect pairing.

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