No meal is a proper one without dessert, and trio of desserts are fit to finish any meal on a sweet note. All the desserts are priced rather reasonably at sixteen bucks each before additional surcharges, so glucose enthusiasts will be quite thrilled.⠀

First up was the tiramisu, which did seem a little out of place on a Spanish restaurant’s menu. However, it rightfully deserved its spot on the menu, as it was a delightful dessert. It’s utterly inundated with extra strong espresso, which has fully permeated everything from the sponge of the ladyfingers to the mascarpone cheese. There may be coffee liqueur within, but all I know is that this potent dessert will satisfy your sweet tooth and give you a caffeine boost.⠀

The second dessert was the Caramelised French Toast, but this French toast is superior to any other versions you may have had before. The thick pillar of bread is exceedingly eggy, as the center of it is effectively a custard. No joke, slicing into this excitingly eggy French Toast will reveal a slightly flow-y, molten custard core, and each superbly spongy & sweet bite will bring ecstasy to all consumers.⠀

While I’m always receptive to a brilliantly boozy rum & raisin ice cream, the r&r ice cream served on the side of this fabulous French toast was a bit disappointing. It was still very much frozen over, as I was crunching into little shards of ice within what I was expecting to be a smooth, creamy & boozy ice cream. Can’t win ‘em all, I guess.

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