The penultimate dish in @newubinseafood Italian wine x zi char pairing was the Lime Leaf Chicken Rice, complemented by a Brigaldara Amarone della Valpolicella Case Vecie of the 2016 vintage. The rice of the chicken rice was quite addictive, as it had the richness & flavour of nasi lemak, but the added sourness from the lime kept the fluffy rice grains from tasting & feeling too rich. Unfortunately, the chicken was the least satisfying element of the entire experience, as it was dry to the point where I was eating shards of chicken.⠀

Fortunately, the Case Vecie was there to wash away the sad taste of disappointment. It clocks in at a mammoth 17.5% alcohol by volume, and has equally mammoth flavours to match. The body of the wine is heavier than that of a Syrah, and it’s sensually smooth & silky. The deeply ruby red body carried alluring aromas of ripe cherries, dark chocolate, plums, oak and cinnamon. Despite what its whopping ABV might suggest, it’s actually pleasantly sweet with a dry and long, lingering finish that warms your throat.⠀

Even though the chicken was a hard pass, I’m glad I got to savour the sensation that is Brigaldara’s Case Vecie. Thank you for the warm hospitality, @newubinseafood!

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