The soup was tasty and relatively light, but got a little more salty at the bottom due to the bits of the shallots and whatnot. The batang fish slices were fresh, succulent and had a good bite! However, the pomfret was slightly fishy, with many small bones present - I’ll say go for the batang. We added minced pork (+$0.50) for one of the bowls and it is a good addition, as it was well seasoned and tender, bringing extra flavour to the soup. P.s. the rice is very dry, not a big fan.

We queued ~1 hour for this for a weekend lunch. It’s a good place for fish soup, and I would probably revisit if I was in the area / the queues are shorter, but Han Kee at Amoy still takes the spot as #1 :)

Not even as good as the amoy st ones
Haha okay its not bad la but ya amoy hankee is my fav