@sushirosingapore occasionally do limited time promos, and this pair of thick cut unagi nigiris ($4.90++ a plate) were rolled out to celebrate Singapore’s 57th National Day. I adore unagi as is, but THICK CUT unagi? Oh yes please, I’ll take your entire stock.⠀

The naturally oily, mildly briny slices of freshwater eel were brushed with teriyaki sauce, broiled impeccably, and glazed one more time with teriyaki sauce. The result is a deeply umami slice of unagi that’s supremely satisfying in every aspect: it’s stunningly sapid, smoky, tantalisingly sweet, and fabulously fatty. The best part is the extra T H I C C cut of eel that gives so much more for your teeth to bite into, and much more substance to satisfy your gluttony.⠀

The only caveat here is the lack of consistency. My first order of unagi was divinely sublime, but my second order brought me crashing back down to earth. It was half eel flesh, half eel pin-bones. The marvellous mouthfeel was ruined by the plethora of bones in the thick slice of eel, and I was torn between trying to spit the bones out or just swallow & hope for the best.⠀

Still, don’t let my slightly subpar second serving of eel, or the fact that the promo period for these thick beauties is over, dEELete any cravings you may have to try Sushiro’s unagi offerings. They’ll have you fEELing electrified, I promise.

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