The mortabella is a Dec special and it comes with arugula walnut pesto, antipasto salad, mortadella & turkey ham, gin infused cherry jam, and provolone. This was my fav out of the 3!! It’s not a hot bagel option but this was still sooo good :’) The components were very nicely balanced, and I particularly enjoyed the pesto and cherry jam (which wasn’t very gin-ish but it tasted a bit like a aged balsamic to me, except it was more sweet than tart compared to balsamic). I also rly liked the choice of cheese, it was a hard cheese that wasn’t v sharp/salty but had a nice milky flavour. Definitely would wna have it again before December ends!

The avo baco was great too, with avo, bacon, smoked garlic aioli, tomatoes, hippie greens, and a sunny side up. Admittedly the bacon was not my favourite - was a bit dry, and they’re v generous with the meat so it also got a bit salty for me. But the rest of the components were great - the sauce was so tasty! Also rly enjoyed the greens for some reason 😛

The lox is the classic, but I wouldn’t have ordered it if I wasn’t sharing with my friends oops :x While it was still p decent bc the components were cold and q refreshing - smoked salmon (they r v generous and gave a mini mountain, smoked salmon lovers u will rejoice), scallion cream cheese, capers, onions, lemon juice, and tomatoes, it can get a bit one-dimensional. But the 4 of us shared 3 bagels, so it meant we got 1/4 bagel for each flavour, which we all agreed that 1/4 of the lox was the most optimal size for us; any portion bigger it would have been too cloying. We did think we could finish a whole mortabella ourselves tho 🤪

Anyway portion sizes are always huge here - we found that half is too little but a full bagel is too much. So the solution was to find 3 others to share with u, who can agree on 3 bagel flavours. Cut each bagel into quarters so each of you can enjoy 3 x 1/4 bagels. 3/4 bagels was indeed the optimal bagel portion for us, and we got to try 3 diff flavours too!