Unfortunately, this failed to live up to expectations. To be sure, my first bite wasn't all that bad and I was puzzled at my dining companions less than positive reviews. I appreciated the sweet and salty contrast brought about by the vegan cheese and their BBQ sauce, making it taste just like an ordinary burger, a remarkable feat by any means for a vegan burger. For my next bite, I isolated out the patty and had a small nibble. It was there that I realised what was going on. It tasted identical to the mock meats sold at just about any other Vegetarian hawker stall and one of my dining companion picked it out despite eating all of the elements together. While the description did state that it was a 'mushroom patty', I found that incredibly hard to believe as there was hardly a hint of mushroom to be found. As such, I can only recommend the burger if you're a huge fan of artificial meats. Else, it did be much safer to try one of their fried patties as recommended by numerous other online reviews or their more unique and (at least it used to be) seasonal, Chili Krab ($11.90).⁣
Taste: 5/10 (Would not recommend)⁣

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