There are quite a number of Charcoal Black Char Siew outlets across Singapore. Iā€™m not sure if their standards are consistent, but the one at AMK Central is pretty decent. It specialises in charcoal-grilled char siew, so I had to get the š—–š—µš—®š—暝—°š—¼š—®š—¹ š—–š—µš—®š—æ š—¦š—¶š—²š˜„ š—Ŗš—®š—»š˜š—¼š—» š—”š—¼š—¼š—±š—¹š—² ($4.50) with extra char siew (+ $2).

The char siew was decently grilled, with a perfect lean meat to fat ratio. However it was too sweet for my liking.

š‚š”ššš«šœšØššš„ šš„šššœš¤ š‚š”ššš« š’š¢šžš°
Blk 724 Ang Mo Kio Ave 6
Singapore 560724