Yong Kee Seafood is a Zhi Char establishment that opens from 5.45pm till late(2.45am, according to google).

They serve some damn good zhi char and their speciality here is their Mee Sua Gor & Chaota Bee Hoon.

There are tables available indoors in the coffee shop, but opted to sit outside and enjoy the free outdoor music atmosphere from next door

1) Mee Sua Gor: Basically Mee Sua in Thick Soup. Surprisingly flavourful. Goes very well with pepper and vinegar, eating it machiam like shark fin soup.

2) Chaota Bee Hoon: Damn Crispy & Good, may look plain on the surface, but all their prawns and other ingredients are hidden beneath this layer of ultra fried Bee hoon.

3) Dried Fried Minced Pork with Prawns in Tofu Skin: this is also very good, flavourful and this plate is the first to be cleared.

4) Hot Plate Tofu: the sauce was thick and flavourful, egg was still runny.

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