We were finding desserts around the area, and chanced upon Chowzan desserts, which serves up traditional Chinese desserts in a homely shop. We craving some durians desserts and got their Fried Durian Ball ($13.90) and Double D24 Boost (12.90).

The Durian Balls had a crispy exterior and gooey centre filled with durian cream. Unfortunately, the durian cream was not as fragrant as expected. Perhaps it is because it is not the durian season, hence it does not have the powerful oomph factor I was looking for.

The Double D24 Boost's durian flavour was also lackluster, but the coconut cream was very rich! It was a good accompaniment to the durian cream.

Perhaps we shouldn't have ordered the durian desserts when it's not the season 😂 I saw many people eating their white Chendol instead and perhaps I will try that next time!