We also tried Pantler's Tarte Tatin, which is basically an apple tart, except that the apple chunk was caramelised in sugar before being placed on top of the pastry. As a result, the apples were extremely rich in sweetness, which is really great for a dessert although it might get a little too cloying after a while. We highly suggest sharing this with someone so that the sweetness does not get too overwhelming!

For the pastry base, Pantler used a flaky pie-like crust, which was rather buttery but also slightly challenging to eat as it disintegrates if you exert too much force to break it apart. 😅😅 The dessert is topped with a dose of Chantilly cream which gave a mild sweetness that contrasted quite sharply with the intense sweetness of the caramelised apple!

The Tarte Tatin at Pantler is certainly a one-of-a-kind dessert and do give it a try if you are a fan of apples and you are spoilt for choice at the counter!