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From the Burpple community

I understand that most people would come here for their cakes, but they also offer plenty of pastries here as well; which I can take away.

It is actually very hard to choose considering there’s many options available on display. I gotten their popular Chou a la crème, spiced fruit pound cake slice and matcha doughnut.

Their chou a la crème is a light and crispy chou pastry, filled with pastry cream.

Pound cake slice and doughnut available in few flavours.


VIVALDI is like a nutty dark chocolate cake with a crunchy exterior. The caramel toffee Choco chantily is like a light Choco flavored ice cream cake on top of the thick layer of rich chocolate mousse and buttery Choco sable👍

At $5.50/pc, the portion size did match up to the price tag. Taste wise- there’s nothing much to shout about with respect to the chou pastry. Other than a crisp shell that did an amazing job staying crisp despite the luscious custard that it holds, it tastes rather mainstream and did not bring any aroma that I had expected. For comparison purposes, I think Beard papa’s puff pastry were a lot more aromatic. On the custard filling, they were luscious, smooth and creamy but nothing out of the ordinary as well. Baristart’s pastry wow-ed me more with the oozy consistency and aromatic custard. Pantler’s rendition was more jelly like. The only unique selling point would be the caramelised bits mixed into the custard. Having said that, you’d find this a plus point only if you’re a fan of caramel. Personally, I just felt it’s rather underwhelming that the highlight of the chou pastry is the caramelised crunch, rather than the pastry shell and custardy interior.

Cherry pistachio: Interesting combo with a twist of usual flavour
Mille-feuille: Light n creamy
Bartlett pear tart: Layers of fresh pear n not too sweet
Yatsura: Strong flavour hazelnut dacquoise n dark choc ganache

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Cherry Pistachio - $9.80
First trying a cherry pistachio combination. Taste wise was mild and pleasant. I could easily finish all by myself. Item mentioned it contains liquor, but really can’t taste any. Great cake to pair with cup of tea

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We also tried Pantler's Tarte Tatin, which is basically an apple tart, except that the apple chunk was caramelised in sugar before being placed on top of the pastry. As a result, the apples were extremely rich in sweetness, which is really great for a dessert although it might get a little too cloying after a while. We highly suggest sharing this with someone so that the sweetness does not get too overwhelming!

For the pastry base, Pantler used a flaky pie-like crust, which was rather buttery but also slightly challenging to eat as it disintegrates if you exert too much force to break it apart. 😅😅 The dessert is topped with a dose of Chantilly cream which gave a mild sweetness that contrasted quite sharply with the intense sweetness of the caramelised apple!

The Tarte Tatin at Pantler is certainly a one-of-a-kind dessert and do give it a try if you are a fan of apples and you are spoilt for choice at the counter!