Cafe has closed as of 31st August 2023

The first time I had Tiramisu Hero, was many years ago, back then, crowd was bustling, it was fully packed on a weekday dinner. Tiramisu was great

Recently came back again for their Tiramisu, but decided to have some main dishes since it was 1for1 with the beyond deals. Sadly the crowd was dwindled. But their Tiramisu was still good nonetheless.

1) Tiramisu as usual was damn good. The "cake" wasn't dry whatsoever and was overall quite shiok to eat. Hope they Continue to sell this online.

2) Salmon Ochazuke - The Chunk of Salmon was cooked well as it had a silky smooth texture. Paired with Brocoli and rice. Not filling though.

3) Squid Ink Pasta with prawns- nothing really special, prawns were fresh though.