When at a pasar malam, you gotta get something sweet. @charkoisg checks that box, plus it’s pretty darn unique. Conventional wisdom has led to people stuffing fish paste into you tiaos, or dipping you tiaos into congee or coffee. Unconventional wisdom, on the other hand, leads to slathering you tiaos in Nutella, Milo and Biscoff Caramel.⠀

I ain’t gonna lie, the pretty colours on the Nutella Marshmallow ($4.50 a stick, $12 for three) was what drew me in, but I stayed for the sweet, guilty pleasure it brought. Come on now, it’s a stick of deep fried dough covered in Nutella, rainbow sprinkles & mini marshmallows. It was always gonna be an enjoyable sweet treat. ⠀

However, what was remarkable for me was the unexpected excellence of the dough fritter. Despite being left out in the open, it wasn’t stale, and it didn’t reek of oil. Additionally, it wasn’t overly greasy, and you only start to feel the oiliness creeping up on you at the final couple of bites. Rather remarkable, if I do say so myself. ⠀

Was it wise to spend $4.50 on a fried dough fritter coated in Nutella, marshmallows & sprinkles? Probably not. Did I enjoy it? Definitely yes.