A great meal deserves a wonderful finale, and the Pineapple With Catalan Cream ($16++) is a fantastic finish to any & every meal at @lumbre.sg. The wood fired grill that made the meats majestic is called into action one final time to grill up a sixth (?) of a pineapple, and it transformed Spongebob’s old house into a delightful dessert.⠀

Pineapple is absolutely divine when grilled, as the heat evaporates the water in the fruit to leave behind all those lovely sugars. Lumbre’s pineapple took it up a notch, adding that sexy smokiness to the concentrated sweetness of the sweet & tangy pineapple. While the pineapple did lose some of its water content, it’s still plenty juicy, and every bite is bursting with its sweet & sour juices, enhanced by the smoke imparted from the grill.⠀

The pineapple is stellar on its own, but trust Lumbre to turn it up to eleven with a generous application of Catalan cream all over the pineapple flesh. Catalan cream is similar to crème brûlée, but it’s made with milk whereas its French counterpart is made with cream. This gives it a heavier, milkier taste & consistency, and I’d call it a charming cross between ice cream and custard. Cross the Catalan cream with this grilled pineapple, and you get a divine dessert fit for the greatest of meals.⠀

Look Spongebob, I’m sorry your house got repossessed, but this pineapple dessert is absolute FIRE.