The average watermelon contains about as much actual mango as @mcdsg mango pie does, but there’s no denying how inexplicably addictive this pie is. The saccharine sweet mango syrup filling is fortified texturally with charmingly chewy nata de coco bits, and it definitely gets that sweet tooth amply satisfied.

The main reason why almost every single McDonald’s pie is a banger is due to that fabulously flaky & compellingly crispy pastry shell. Seriously, can anyone who has more baking experience than I do tell me how that crisp, flaky pastry is made? It ain’t hard to have more baking experience than me, the only thing I ever baked was myself (dude weed lmao). Baked or not, I definitely want to stick my fingers around (not into) every single one of these pies.

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