Venchi from taka basement! Tried this because we had time to spare and was looking for dessert places after lunch!

🍦Strawberry and chocolate chips
🍦Mango Sorbet
🍦Matcha (with white chocolate, pistachio and lemon)
🍦salted caramel

The matcha one was the most interesting flavour because of the addition of the white chocolate, pistachio and lemon! Super refreshing taste and very unique!

We can't help but wonder about the difference in size of the gelato given though. The right cup was given first and I was whispering to my partner "omg why so small cup!" (Just like one of the reviews we read on Burpple). Not sure if the server heard but she proceeded to make the second cup look TALLER (but actually there are empty holes at the bottom so the volume given is still the same lol)

No seats. We took it to the taka foodcourt to eat. It was a weekday so it wasn't crowded and we weren't chased away by the food court cleaners for eating "outside" food 😁

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