If it weren't for my desktop keyboard having issues, I would've never discovered this quaint cafe (thank you Logitech). Their Tuckshop Burger ($15) is made out of a well seasoned and sinfully juicy minced ribeye patty backed up by his two best mates, fried egg and stretchy, oh so sexily melted sharp cheese, and his acquaintances of tomato and lettuce, all chilling atop a well toasted artisanal bun. Each of the gang makes their presence tasted loud and clear, and the secret relish was there to enhance their flavors and to make the burger just that little bit more memorable. The only gripes I had was that the egg was an overdone over-easy instead of being a runny yolked sunny side up egg, and the bottom bun was quite soggy. But other than that, it was basic burger bliss.