San marzano tomato, fior di latte, pecorino, basil, olive oil

Crust was lightly crunchy at the edges, with fluffy, moist, chewy insides - it bounces back when pressed into which is always a good sign. Really liked the dough.

I do love a classic margherita and this satisfied, flavours were great. Just enough cheesiness, tomatoes were tangy, and overall the pizza was very easy to eat, I didn’t feel too stuffed after it. 1 pizza per pax sounded too much initially but it turned out to be the perfect portion! Share the pizzas so you get to try diff flavours~

One thing though - would r have preferred the Basil to be placed onto the pizza after coming out of the oven, instead of getting mostly burned in the oven.

Nonetheless a good pizza that I was very satisfied with, would definitely return!