On a cool night, or after a long day, there are few things more comforting than sitting down on a table full of dishes and a warm bowl of Teochew porridge in hand. This eatery manages to retain the down-to-earth nature of this traditional food, while allowing you some air-conditioned comfort. The porridge ($0.70) is just the way you expect it to be, with a good amount of porridge water. Go straight for their delicately Steamed Mullet (market price), perfectly light and flaky and served with salted vegetables, a staple that will bring memories flooding back to any Teochew nang. There are also many other sides to choose from, like the Big Sotong ($6.90) — served chilled with a sweet, tangy home-made sauce. If you ever find yourself hungry at wee hours of the morning, you'll be glad to know this spot is open till 5am! Pro tip: Go for the Supper Buffet ($16.80/pax) from 11pm to 5am, entitling you to porridge over 30 dishes to choose from.