The queue for this is crazy. It moves very slowly, I spent about 1 hour queueing for this because the sunk cost fallacy kicked in. Started at ~11.45am on a Sunday.

It’s quite good! There’s ikan bilis, mani cai, long beans, leeks, cabbage, peanuts, firm tofu cubes and cai po. I added on a fried taukwa (which was huge). Each component was done quite well, textures and flavours were great - peanuts/ikan/longbeans were crunchy, veg/tofu were soft with a bite, and the taukwa was freshly. The soup was quite palatable, not too bitter but not as nutty as lindama’s. I would definitely come back again, it was a very satisfying meal. Just that the 1-hour queue is a turnoff so I’ll probably come much earlier next time.