An unexpected find located at City Plaza that was filled with many Indonesians. From our observation, the Ayam Sambal Hijau seems to be one of the really popular choices as it’s seen on almost every table.

Foodies with low spicy tolerance, I really urge you to think twice before trying. The green chili was no less spicy, even though it looks less harmful than its red counterpart. In fact, the spiciness emerged slowly and exploded eventually! Even someone who loves chili felt that it was really spicy. But it was a good kick of flavour added to the ayam penyet, which I would have liked it to be more juicy although the skin was crispy. Another type of chili was provided as well, which was a little like chili in sweet soya sauce. Still spicy, but there was additional sweetness and saltiness. Well, I liked it with the rice. Each set comes with a piece of tempeh and a small fried beancurd cube. Definitely something that will satisfy one’s craving for chili!