KEK is a well-known zhi char place here at Alexandra. Getting parking lots here will always be a challenge here during meal times.

Gets very packed in the restaurant as well, so make your reservations before coming down.

1) Signature Moonlight Hor Fun
- one of their signature dish, strong wok hei with thick and sticky texture due to the 2 raw eggs. A must have here

2) Sharing Platter
- Golden Pearl Roll
- Prawn roll
- Yam Basket
- You tiao with Seafood Paste
- a great platter for sharing, especially to try their signature Golden Pearl Roll & Prawn Roll.
- all crispy and tasted good. Must order item.

3) Crab Bee Hoon Soup
- Not their signature dish, but soup was flavourful and crab was fresh.

4) Claypot Liver
- a must have dish here. The best dish today, sauce was damn good and liver was not overcooked whatsoever. Just right.

5) Coffee Pork Ribs
- very distinct coffee taste. Pork Ribs were tender and the first plate to be cleared today.

6) Salted Egg Sotong
- lots of good reviews on this and rightly so, most value for money, as the sotong pieces seem to be endless. Each small piece is well coated with salted Egg.

7) Sambal Kangkong
- every zhi char dinner must have this, and the Sambal Kangkong here definitely meets my high standard.

8) Spinach with 3 kinds egg
- quite ok. Nothing really fantastic, but not the worst I ever had.

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