These petite little chocolate éclairs were the ideal finisher to the indulgent Italian wine pairing at @newubinseafood. They were chilled, sweet and the choux puff was airy & light, and they were the dessert our tastebuds were crying out for after eight prior courses of hot, salty and incredibly flavourful savoury entrées.⠀

The wine pairing for this dessert wasn’t a port wine, or a muscat, or a moscato. Nope. Remember the sublime Brigaldara Amarone della Valpolicella Riserva 2012 we had with the Zebu steak? Yeah, that actually works with this dessert too. The wine has surprisingly distinct flavours that remind me of port wine, and it’s a little sweet, which great for pairing with desserts. The sweetness of the éclairs definitely highlight the fruity & sweet notes of this wine more, and I gleefully gobbled up these éclairs in between sips of wine. ⠀

Thank you for organising & inviting me to this excellent wine pairing @newubinseafood! Hope to see many more wine pairing experiences in the future.

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