As a recreational chocoholic, I’ve always wanted to sample @discoverthedark goodies, but there was always a random pub somewhere that waylaid me en route and I’ve been delaying it for far too long. However, The Dark Gallery & @burpple have collab’d to bring me a chocolatey trio of treats, and the first one I gobbled down was this mesmerising Signature 80% Dark Chocolate ice cream cookie.⠀

Yes, that is a gargantuan gob of ice cream that’s bursting out of the cookies that are vainly trying to sandwich it. It’s gargantuan in satisfaction too, with the tastefully tempered sweetness counterbalanced by the characteristic bitterness of top quality dark chocolate. The creaminess is utterly delightful and deeply satisfying, while the airy, crumbly cookies sandwiching the frozen choccy delight contribute a charming chewiness.⠀

The Dark Gallery weren’t lying when they said that their ice creams were artisanal, this is a bonafide masterpiece. If the Sistine Chapel had a culinary equivalent, this would be it.