The last time I ordered @bbbunsfordays bulgogi burger, it was an excellent experience. This time, however, I decided to order their highly rated smashburgers for my dad & I. The Double Trouble Cheese Bundle ($38, not including delivery fee) stars two double Flame Grilled Cheese Burgers, and is accompanied by fries & sodas.⠀

Compared to the brilliant bulgogi burger, the DBL Flame Grilled Cheese Burger was a letdown. While the bulgogi burger was so incredibly flavourful it was borderline excessive, these smashburgers were markedly flavourless. The smashed beef patties were juicy enough, but they weren’t anywhere near adequately seasoned. Bbburgers apparently forgot to apply their Secret Ssamjang, and this resulted in a bland burger. ⠀

Also, these patties don’t have nearly enough caramelisation on them, and the crust on the patties that should be there are missing. Plus, the texture of the beef patties felt very loose, and they tended to crumble apart instead of holding together. Smashburgers are meant to be thin due to them being smashed (hence the name) flat against the grill, but the pictures on the menu are just outright false advertising man. Both patties are about equally thick as one half of the burger bun, not nearly as thick as advertised.

Speaking of burger buns, I know buns get soggy during delivery, but this one was utterly soaked. It disintegrated the minute I picked it up, and it was frustrating to eat. Also, I took Bbburgers’ suggestion and added kimchi to my burger in anticipation of a non existent flavour bomb, but the amount of kimchi that was added on was insulting. Really guys, just two leaves of kimchi cabbage? What’s that even supposed to achieve?⠀

Look man, I love Bbburgers and their breathtaking bulgogi burger, and was set to become a hardcore fan, but this was nowhere near good enough. Don’t do me like this man, @bbbunsfordays.

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